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Constipation Rss

My 6 mth old baby boy has been having bad constipation. He has been on solids for a while but hes having alot more now, Normally pumpkin, carrot or sweet potato and apple. He has 2 formula feeds a day one at 7pm then 10pm. Other wise breast fed. Why is this, what to do? He strains alot where his little face goes red. I always think there will be a big poo but sometimes its just a little pebble.

Mummy to my Darling, NSW

Constipation, what a pain in the butt - literally too. DD was really bad when we started solid, I blamed that darn rice ceral. I ended up giving DD pear every day, it has worked very well. As I am breastfeeding too, I made sure I ate food that kept things regular. If you can narrow down to what food might be constipating your bub, you could keep it off his menu for a bit till his digestive system matures. I also found that the transition from those typical baby poos to the more solid poos quite difficult for DD. Once she got use to pushing out some-thing a big bigger and firmer, she settled down.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hello! i know when i give trey apple he gets a bit constapated as well. i would add a bit of broccoli and pear to his diet, i also breast and bottle and with some pear and broccoli ( recommened alot by my gp ) it keeps him regular. prune juise is good aswell but there bowels can start to rely on it to much. i hope that helps.
Hi there,
Have you just started him the formula?
When I started Allira on formula from breast milk she got terribly constipated, it was so bad that she was screaming in pain trying to do a poo. It was horrible, I won't tell you what I did to try and help her get the poo out but I will tell you what I did to help her constipation.
Prune Juice......just add 1-2mls to his milk once a day until the constipation goes away. This should really only take a day. Allira was 4.5 months when she first got constipated and my sister-in-law put me onto the prune juice as her little girl used to get constipated alot also.
Anyway Allira is now nine months and still get constipated occassionally if I have tried her on a new food or something and I still use the prune juice, works like a treat everytime.
Good luck,

Jo, Tassie. First Daughter Allira 20/6/05

hi tam my daughter was the same her peditrition said its a old wife tale but it worked really well for me boil some water wait for it to cool down then put a little bit of brown suger in it and that should make him go to the toilet

had 2 C-SECTION and a proud mum

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