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Urgent - antibiotics for baby Lock Rss

Hi everyone

My daughter has not been herself the past few days so I took her to the dr today and she said it looks like an impending ear infection. if it has not improved by tomorrow she has prescribed a course of antibiotics. My daughter is only 7 months old and I am worried about the effects of antibiotics.

Has anybody given antibiotics to their babies? And if so, are there any risks????

I am very worried!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

The only side effects that antibiotics had on my first son, now nine, were that he developed thrush. He, too, was prescribed antibiotics for his ears and he developed oral thrush and in his nappy area. He then needed oral drops (Nilstat) and Canesten for his poor bottom.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

There are risks in everythink is the way I look at it but there are times that you have to have antibiotics because of infections. All my children suffer and suffered from ear infections and they had to be on antibiotics from the age of 6 months from times to time. If the ear infection isn't caught early enuff it can cause the ear drum to burst to which is much more painfull for the child. My older 2 had to have gromits put on their ears and their adnoyds removed as they were playing a big part in their ear infections. Remeber never give any child antibiotics without consulting your doctor. But if you want to find tthe side affects from the antibiotic then ask the chemist as they will be able to help you with imformation about it all. My 14 month old now has had 5 ear infections and is very very close to going to see the ENT doctor about getting gromits in his ears. All children need time to develope their own antibodies but then there are time that we had no choice but to give them the antibiotics.
Good Luck and I hope that she'll be fine and you wont have to give her any.

Take Care Dianne
Hi there,

My boy was 8 months old when he was prescribed antibiotics for a bad flu. He was on them for 1 week exactly. I don't regret giving them to him at all, you just need to weigh up the benefits of the antibiotics. Just remember that things could get worse/spread if the infection is not treated. But the decision in the end is entirely yours.

Mum to toddler


thanx for your responses! Turns out that baby had Roseola Infantum (baby measles) which is now clearing up...! I ended up taking a "wait and see" approach and her ear improved so no antibiotics were necessary. Thank goodness! She has also started teething on top of everything else...what a nightmare!

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home


My son had antibotics at 3.5 months for ear infections & was on them intil 10 months until he had grommets in his ears.

He is now 5 and he is fine so don't worry

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