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6wk old REFLUX, Thickener? Infant Gaviscon? Did they work for you? Rss

Hi Bub is 6wks old and is showing signs of reflux (very unsettled all day, grizzles through sleep with gagging, burping vomiting). Dr isnt sure if it is as baby is gaining good weight and sleeps well of a night. She has advised we try thickener before breastfeeds and infant gaviscon - did either work for you?
Thank you smile


Hi my sons reflux got worse around the 5 week mark for some reason. I was breastfeeding also but ended up just changing to a thickened formula with which I put the gaviscon in before feeding. Definately both worked for him. He would still have bad days but was a lot happier in himself. I also gave him infacol drops which seemed to help as he also had wind pain. My son was also a good weight but with reflux babies this can happen as a lot of refluxers tend to drink more often because most times they can't take a full bottle at once and they sometimes associate pain with hunger. Try both and see how you go but I found they worked for me. Obviously they don't always work for everyone but theirs no harm in trying.
Thank you for your reply. I started the thickener yesterday afternoon and will get the gaviscon today.
He seems like he would be a very happy and content baby if he wasnt uncomfortable through the day...fingers crossed it works. We are also trying the chiro.


Hi there, my DD had reflux at the same age and i switched her to a thickened formula- Karicare AR Formula. It has worked a treat for us, she took to it really well and became a much better sleeper.
Good luck with you little one hope it all works out for you.
we used infant gaviscon for DS from 3 weeks til 11 weeks (the pains from his reflux disappeared after he started seeing a chiropractor which he still goes to monthly now).

be carefull adding it to thickened milk tho - the gaviscon makes the milk go thick in their tummy rather than in the bottle, so it will make thickened formula go really thick and may cause tummy upsets, constipation etc.

we only used it with normal formula and he was fine with that.


DS1 had horrible reflux, and though much of that time was a blur I don't recall the Gaviscon having that much effect and thickener was never suggested to us; i.e. he was still spewing heaps, was rather unsettled etc. The only thing I found that helped in the unsettledness department was wearing him (carrying him in a front pack) or in any other way having him upright. Some reflux babies gain alot of weight quickly because they tend to comfort feed because it makes them feel better; you can't ever overfeed a bf baby in this way whether they have reflux or not. Little feeds more often might help as well and though the majority of women do, or are advised to switch to formula this is not necessary and bm is "better" for a bf baby because it is easier to digest. I did have a lovely reflux website, but lost all my bookmarks in a computer malfunction. wink] If I find it again, I will let you know. I have heard that chiro's can do wonders for reflux babies........or maybe try an osteopath?

Good luck, they can be really hard work, but it couldn't have been that bad because I went back for more. LOL

Hi there

my bub also had reflux from around 8wks of age. I used the karicare thickener mixed in a bottle with either expressed breastmilk or formula. Also the chiro worked a treat. i cannot recommend them enough i truly beleive that's what cured my baby.

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Thank you all for your posts. DS had the worst day yesterday, the grizzles turned to CRYS and even when held upright in my arms he was gagging and crying sad He was the same through the night too, which is not him.

Those that have visited the chiro's did they specialise in children with reflux? We see a lady who has two children, so I thought she would know a bit, but didnt feel that confident when we left last week. She is great for me and my hubby. We are going again tomorrow, so if I dont feel confident Ill discuss it with her (she has been our chiro for a few years).

Im waiting to feed him now and give him some gaviscon.


the chiro i go to is a specialist paed chiro - he has done specific training to adjust babies. its very gentle when they do it and they always tell you what they are about to do and you can say if you don't want something done.

Good luck with the Chiro. My friend took her son to a chiro that specialises in babies and his reflux definately improved. I was thinking about doing this but my son seemed to get a lot better with the thickened formula and gaviscon so I was pretty lucky. It does take a while for the thicker and gaviscon to work I found with my baby so you may have to be patient for a few days. Sorry you had another bad day as this can still happen and its really hard. My son is 5 months old now and is so much better so it does get easier believe it or not although at the moment I know its really hard for you both. I would also raise his bed up (and still do) for sleeping and put him in his boucer in the day.He would sleep in the boucer much better as he was more upright and it helped his reflux heaps
Hi there.
We've been to hell and back with dd's reflux and colic. She was diagnosed at 6wks. Dr recommended gaviscon before each feed. Worked ok for a couple of days, but really not happy. Finally when we went back for her 8wk check, he prescribed zoton to give to her once a day. It comes in a sachet, which you dissolve in water, then give them whatever prescribed amount the dr gives you, for us its 5ml. At the same time we changed her formula to Nan HA Gold (with thickner mixed in) and also went to a paediatric chiro who specialised in babies, so much so, that the dr's & midwives of the local hospital recommend that new mums take their new bubs their straight away. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the combination of these 3 things worked a treat, still doing all of it except the thickener, for a bit there we were putting farex in her bottles, but she is ok with it now. The only thing is, that now I suspect she's got either an allergy to dairy or is lactose intolerant as her little tummy goes rock hard after each bottle which is a screaming match. We are in the process of getting tests done.
Good luck, I hope this has helped, pm me if you have any questions. Cheers, Melissa

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