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Drinking Water Lock Rss

My 5 month old started on solids about a month ago and going very well. About 2 or 3 feeds a day and we give him water to drink with and after the feed. But how much water do they need at this age and as they get older? People say it is good he is drinking anything as it is hard to get babies to drink water. He drinks about 1/2 to 1 ounce most days. We also switched to formula just prior to that, does that affect how much they should drink? I don't really want to give him any juice for quite a while as I would really like to see him get a taste for water first. He actually seems to quite like it anyway. But no one seems to know how much to try to give.

Can anyone help or offer advice.
Dear Ange,

Hi.I was told that all babies should have at least 100ml of water per day.This is excluding normal breastfeeds or bottle feeds.Also it is better to give your baby water instead of juice.However if u want u can give sweet lime juice.

I hope this helps.
hi ange
my daughter is 5 1/5 months old and is also doing well on soilds. I give her water in between meals sometimes if she gets grizzly, she will only drink little amounts she is not a huge fan. I think that if he likes it and is happy taking it then continue giving it to him. He will soon let u know if he doesn't want it or has had enough.

Tina, Vic

I just want to add too that your baby might not like water out of a bottle as they associate bottle with milk so what I did (cos that's what Benjamin did to me) is I put the water in a sippy cup & he merrily drinks from that!
As i know it, you can never drink to much water! My 2 year old only ever has water at home in her sipper cup. If she has been very good i might give her juice or milk in a big cup but that doesn't happen that often. She gets that at other peoples houses as a treat. Mind you she has her daily calcium needs in her food.

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks, mums.
I was a little concerned it might not have been enough. Especially as it has been suggested they should get 100ml. He has started drinking more in the last week. It might be because it has been warmer, but I have also been offering it to him more often, like before he has some solids, during and after. Sometimes before he even has his milk bottle. He even holds onto the bottle himself now. Mind you, he doesn't always get water into his mouth but he tries so hard.
I think we might also try the sipper cup and he will think it is something different again. Thank you.
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