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My DS is due to have an op between July and December for an undescended testie. Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this, just so we can be a little prepared.

Look forward to hearing from you all


Karen, ACT, Wes 09/07/05, Iliarna 09/07/09

Hi Karen, my 9+ month old is due to have the op in a few days time. The surgeon told me that he does the op on average 5 times a week and its pretty standard. I understand it to be about a 50 minute procedure and a few hours recovery in hospital usually on mum or dads lap. Everyone I have come across knows of some little boy that has had it and all say its not risky ect and they are back to normal health within a day or two. I have had conflicting info though on what age is suitable. I have heard that it should be done prior to 1 year old and have heard not until at least one year old. I trust my surgeon as this is the area he specialises in. My son also had a suspected seemed to fix itself up as soon as we got him to the hospital, so I am following the doctors advice and getting it done asap before any perm damage is done. I too would love to hear of anyone who has gone through it, but I will let you know towards the end of the week how my little boy went. Nathalie.

Nat VIC, Zac born 16/06/05, Aviel born 20/03/09

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