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Broom Broom Baby!!! Rss

Just wanted to ket you all know today my partner and i had to drive over 10 hours with Lil.
And she was such an angel
I sat in the back with her and we played,ate and slept together she makes me so happy i love her so much
i love waking up and going to get her for her feed and she wakes up and see's me and gives me a huge smile I'm so proud of her already

Lillie....1 year old!!!

We took DD 4wd the other week, we were going up a hill almost sideways cause of it being really muddy and slippery adn we just hear this little tiny giggle coming out of the back seat. I know it wasn't the dog!!!!!! She had a ball. She even had a really goood sleep, heaps longer than she usually sleeps in the car

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

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