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protein allergy???? Lock Rss

Any babies out there that have an allergy to Protein?? My 4 mnth old had 20ml of soy formula last Sunday and was violently ill - hospitalised for 2 nights. Ped. thought that it was a virus...protein allergy was not even investigated. She had 10ml again yesterday and was violently sick again - so after reading up an allergies I think it could be a reaction to the protein. Did anyone have a similar situation? Did your baby grow out of it??? I am now waiting on a referal to an immunologist.

Hi Jo

I have a friend whos boy was born with a protein intolerance and went on a special formula from birth. I can find out the name and details on where to get it from if you want. He is booming along now. 10 moths old and a huge boy. Her daughter who is 3 had same trouble. Dont know if this same situatuin but anyway...
Hope bub gets better


Brodie 8/10/05 Fletcher 10/02/08

hi jo, def see an allergist or someone sim. my 2yo is allergic to cows milk protein, so cant habe any dairy in any form etc, also allergic to peaniuts and egg ... allproteins... as u can see. this was all daignosed thru skin prick testing. he went on to infa soy but no vomiting happened. if it is from an allergy vomiting is quite a full on reply to an allergy. see someone soon. there is a formula called NEOCATE that is used for babes who cant take normal formula or soy. it is exp unless u get an auth from a specialist. even tho some babes are allergic to these forms of protein they r not allergic to all proteins. skin prick testing can check for all sorts of things. check iut out. good luck. sallie ps u didnt say if she is b'feed or on normal formula ???

Sallie, m.o. Kobe 12/03 Chelsea & Jesse 10/05 S.A.

my 14 month old daughter has a allergy to protein as well as lactose, soy and goat, she is on the Neocate formula, it has been great, i BF her for 2 months then it took 2 months to work out what was wrong, after trying neocate the change was dramatic, the paed thinks she will grow out of it,so it might be worth investigating the neocate, goodluck

Kim, mum to Kiandra 3 and baby due 29/06/09

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