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hey girls. hope you and ur bubs are all well.

just have a question about ear infections wich i know are veryyy common in bubs so im hopn one of you can share your story with me and stop me from stressin.

my bub is 8 and a half months n has/had an ear infection ......he was put on didn't work....switched to a different type of antibiotics....doc said it was clearing n to finish it off n then it'll be i did that..week after noticed bub was sik and coughing n ear was red..again..took him ive been told he has fluid in his left ear .....bub isn't on antibiotics for it just yet as he has had runny nappies from all the medicines and the doc doesn't want to make that worse just yet...i have a nasal spray.....fess and also been told to use 'Otrivin'. going back to the doc next week for another chek up.

im just gettn a little worried because he has been on antibiotics for a bit and now he is sick again...and his ear just doesn't seem to be gettn the ' all clear' from the doctor. so im worried its gunna affect his hearing.....tho bub is showing all signs of hearing fine.
anyone been through the similar thing..and what happened ?

sory i rambled quite a bit didn't i ! sorrry.

Danni, WA,

Hi Danni,

From 8 weeks old my son suffered Ear infections, in his first year he had 3 bad ones (each infection he would have nasty puss discharge and be in lots of pain) he would go on antibotics but often need 2 courses for it to clear. Then last year he suffered another 4 bad ones and on the last one he had I went to a different doctor as it was like the infections never really cleared up and we were then referred to a ENT Specialist and when we saw him he confirmed my son had "Glue Ear" and all the symptoms of the Glue Ear fitted my son's and the option was to have Grommets inserted into his ears, we were unsure at first what to do as he was 16mths old but after reading alot about them and talking to others we went ahead with the operation last October. Since then he has improved 100% it has been amazing even in the first week after the operation we noticed he could hear alot better and we always thought he could hear okay but as the ENT Specialist told us he said our son could hear but it was like listening under water for him with all the fluid he had inside his ears!! So all of these infections did delay alot for him in speech and development as he was so unbalanced on his feet always falling over etc it just wasn't good.

I really think after so many ear infections and if the antibotics aren't working I think a ENT Specialist is the best to see, so why not asked to be referred or if your Dr want do it find another that will. As really I dont' think antibotics are the answer they are not really good for our young ones to keep taking, upsets their whole systems.

I have a post on this forum under the "Toddler" Section under "Caring For Toddler" called "Glue Ear" have a look in there as a few mothers have posted in there with their experiences too.

Goodluck and if you have anymore questions I would be happy to try and help you.

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