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Teeth grinding. Lock Rss

My son is now nearly 9 months old and has four teeth. I have noticed he has started to grind his teeth. It is a very annoying and awful sound aswell being not good for his teeth at all! I was just wondering if this was a common thing for babies to do, whether it will be just a phase, or if he was to continue doing it does anyone have any solutions to help stop it....?
Hi Mel,
My son went through exactly the same thing at around the same age. Although it sounds horrible and damaging to their teeth I think it's just a phase. We tried not to react to it, because we noticed that when we did Noah thought it was a great game and continued doing it. Now he is 2 days off his first birthday and the grinding no longer amuses him. Try not to worry it will pass and you will look back on it and laugh.
Hi there

I forgot all about the teeth grinding. My son used to do it from the time his top 2 teeth came through - he'd rub them on the bottom ones all the time. It used to send shivers down my spine!!! I think he only did it for about a month and then just stopped. It probably just feels good to them. I don't think there's much you can do to discourage it. Like in the other reply - the more attention you give him when he does it the more he'll get out of it.

All the best
Funny you talk about this my dd Tayla who has just turned 1 was doing this a couple of weeks ago, and this is one thing that i cannot stand!!! She has just cut another tooth and hasnt done it at all this week, so i will see what happens, hope she doesnt start up again, i cannot stand the sound of it, it goes right through you!!!

tayla 16/08/03

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