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HELP - I dont know what to do with him Lock Rss

My 5 mth old DS has been whinging for the past week. I have just started him on cereal and pureed apples after his 10am feed and lately he does not seem to be interested. He is still laughing and playing but that lasts for 10 minutes then he whinges, he even whinges after a feed. He still sleeps 10 hours overnight and 2 x 2hr sleeps during the day but the waking hours are a nightmare, I just dont know what to do with him, he doesnt like the bouncinette, he wont play on the floor, he wont sit with me on the couch, WHAT DO I DO WITH HIM? My SIL gave me a walker, perhaps try him in that or is he too young. I dont think he is teething otherwise he would be up during the night. He still has his 5 full bottles a day. PLEASE HELP ME

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

Jeb was like this too at this age. I put it down to the mind tell the body to stuff but bub just doesn't know how to....if you get what i mean? It doesn't last long as they get so frustrated that they end up teach themselves to do stuff...well that's what I found. Jeb learnt to pull himself up on all 4's a bit after turning 6 months and with in 2 weeks of doing this he was crawling. When the whinging got to much for me I would just make sure Jeb was in a safe place in the lounge with his toys and left him for up to 5 mins sometimes and walked outside (so I could still see and hear him but wasn't in the same room) I know it might sound horrible but let him have a whinge so he can figure out how to do or get what he wants himself...if you get me on this too. Give your little one a go in the walker just don't leave him in that alone. It might just do the trick? His sleeps seem ok. Jeb was doing the same during the day but was usually getting 11-12 hours at night. It does get better, trust me. Just let him figure out what he wants. Hope my ramblings make sense and have helped a little smile
hi there

my wee girl was the same at that age until she started crawling just before 6 months, I think it is boredom and frustration at wanting to move but not being able to, we used to play peek a boo and give her rides in the washing basket car, I had a 2yr old as well so she entertained bubs as well. maybe a walk in the pram or some time outside on the grass might help.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hey Teenyh,

Mitch was the same at this age & we did put him in the walker for small amounts of time & it did the trick for us & now he loves it & can manuvere it thru doorways etc......... I know some people think that it may affect their development but it hasnt seemed to with us. Mitch is commando crawling & over the past 2 days started to rock on hands & knee's. It's a personal thing - some people like walkers - others dont. We dont have any stairs etc.... so its perfectly safe for him & i'm always in the same room.

I do agree with Jeb's mum in the 'let them have a whinge' & walk outside. This way they learn to persist with a task even though it may not be working for them YET!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck

Simone, Mitchell 27/09/05 Taya 21/09/07


I have a 5 month old also who has just got her first tooth.. what she was doing sounds very similar to your son, she would cry in the middle of her feeds though and for a couple of days wouldnt drink as much as normal but then reverted back to her usual self.

She turned very clingy and would cry if I walked out of the room or other people talked to her (completely out of character)

Keep an eye out for teeth... I though my bubs was too little for teeth as everyone I knew of got them 7months + but sure enough there it was!

Let us all know how you end up or if you find out what it is

I think it's pretty much the 5 month stage there not sitting yet and not crawling so they get bored easy, I had a exersauser the best thing I had!
Hope it gets better for you!!

Sam, QLD, Paige 27/03/02 & BD 18/06/05

im exactly the 5 month old can't yet crawl and is so frustrated because she cant do much,i carry her on my hip,or pop her in the stroller and sit in the park and she grabs at the leaves,i also take her outside in the garden to feed her as she enjoys this more...ummmmm.... i use the jolly jumper a little bit,but basically i know how hard it is at this stage,everyone says you dont want them to crawl coz they'll be into everything but i actually cant wait lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi I think all mums have that at 5 months old cause my daughter was the same when she 5 months old and I know this sound wired but I would have Jaye in my arms and put some music on and we would dance to the music and that sort of keep Jaye and or I would put Jaye on my knee and move my knee up and down and she would think it was a pony ride and make sounds that would sounds like a pony.

And with the walker just watch inside of the walker and that might work and I found if I took Jaye outside for awhile to look at the trees and listen to the birds that use to settle her down.

I hope that has help and good luck and chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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