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Teething & Rash Lock Rss

Hi All,

Just a quick one - has anybodies littlies had a rash whilst they were teething or shortly there after?

My little fella has just cut his 2nd tooth & since it has cut thru he has this little spotty rash that started on his face (cheeks), then went behind his neck, to all over his face, to torso & now on his back. It's not bothering him at all & he doesnt seem to be unwell.

Thanks in advance for your feedback - thought that i would get your opinions before i go to the doc & he tells me its 'viral'!!!!!!!


Simone, Mitchell 27/09/05 Taya 21/09/07

Hi i went to dr's yesturday about the same thing and she said it was teething teals is also a bit off her food and a bit more spewy than normal her rash does come and go. Does he have a temp?
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