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Always rubbing eye Lock Rss

Hey my daughter always rubs her left eye, especially when she is eating (she is 9 months old). She is currently teething and I know that rubbing her ear is related to that, but is the eye rubbing related as well or might it be something more serious? or nothing? I am just worried because its interfering with her eating and she seems distressed when she's rubbing it.
[Edited on 03/06/2009]
It is possibly just a teething thing, at this age it is so hard isn't it when they can't verbally communicate. I do know that when my first son was teething a doctor suggested to me to give not just panadol or nurofen for the pain, but also a cold medicine like demizine, as he said that they can get quite a build up of pressure in the ears due to the teething. Giving demizine at the really bad times of teething seemed to really give my son alot of relief. I suppose like with alot of things, you can only give it a go, if you want to that is...

All the very best of luck...

I have no advice for you, but wanted you to know that my DS does the exact same thing! Though he doesn't seem distressed by it. He is just constantly rubbing his eyes & often around feeding time too. I have no idea why. People always tell me he's tired, but he's not - it's just what he does!! His eyes are red or weepy or anything & nothing appears to be wrong. I'd be interested to see what other people write too.

Ditto with my 8 and a half month old. Continues to rub eyes and pull at ears but appears perfectly healthy and always alert - thought it was an indication of tiredness but also happens after naps so just leaving it be for now.
My DS is 3mths and does the same thing; rubs both of his eyes and not necessarily around feeding time or when he's due a feed. His eyes aren't red or weepy. So I don't know why he does it.
He does have dry skin at the side of his face which I thought may be itching, but he doesn't rub his face constantly, but the rubbing definitely makes the dry skin look worse.
So does anyone know why they do it?? I saw my MH nurse today and she didn't really shed any light on it.

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