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My 6 month old has HEAD LICE!!! Lock Rss

Help! My 6 month old daughter was born with a beautiful crop of dark hair, and I have just noticed that she has some nits and headlice crawling around!! I am mortified!! Does anyone know of a good natural treatment for this that doesnt involve combing her hair for hours at a time (as this will be near impossible!). I don't want to use harsh chemicals and I don't even think that the normal treatments from chemists can be used on babies.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!!!

Try conditinor or baby oil, lather her hair.. Gentle comb it with a tiny comb.. this should trap the running ones, as for the eggs make sure you click them with your nails to kill them. You will have to wash everything that she has been in contact with also.. bedding, clothing, hats ect
I laughed when I read your post, not because I think your daughter having head lice is funny, but because i went through the same thing with my son last month. He is constantly being held by girls and women with long hair so I have no idea where he got it from as he doesnt go to daycare either. I was so panicked and in such a state that i took him to the doctors, as the pharmacist bluntly asked me how i could let my 6 month old baby get head lice!! Right, i really LET him get them. Anyway, the doctor suggested exactly what the past post did, baby oil for at least 6 hours..or conditioner overnight, i know this will be difficult as your daughter probably moves in her sleep..but when my son woke up from overnight i basically combed it out with a lice comb, and the eggs lifted right up.
Good luck, and dont panic too much smile
Another option I found helped was tea tree oil diluted with water. We had the same problem. My 12 yr old kept coming home from school with them and every time I did the usual strip everything, wash and vacuum everything and everywhere. Even made my child stay home from school for at least 2 days while I combed and treated hair. Then my hubby found out daughter was 7 months at the time had them too! I was in tears! As said in other post about the conditioner and put a few drops of the tea tree oil on bedding lounges playmats. The hate it and also heat
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