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Do babies need nappy-free time? Lock Rss

I came across this in another post.

My 3month DD only goes without a nappy for her bath and even then she is nappied up as soon as she is out and dry. babies need time without nappy?

some people swear by it and say it prevents nappy rash, but personally i don't want to chase my DS around with a towel lol and have to clean up a mess!!!

my DS has only ever had 1 bad nappy rash and it was just this week, and he has been teething which is why it happened, so i don't really think nappy free time is that important...

but each to their own i s'pose!!!

I don't think it is a need. I do give my babies nappy free time when it is warm but that is more because I think it helps with nappy rash. that is JMO.

There are a few girls I know that are absolutely all for nappy free time & do it religiously. I only ever did it with my DS over summer just to help him cool down a bit, but it wasn't for long. Like PP mentioned, the mess was bad even with a towel!! I don't think it's necessary, though I have heard people say it can help with the movement (ie. rolling, etc) coz it frees them up a bit. Each to their own & also depends on bubs!

I never did it with my dd but my plunket nurse suggested lots of tummy time with no nappy on.I'm not sure why but we did it anyway.When he has tummy time now I leave his nappy on though.It's way too cold for his gorgeous bum to be on show no matter how much I love looking at those dimples!lol

hi im the same, only because now its winter its far too cold for her to be naked and i dont want her to wee everywhere lol!
in saying that if it was warmer i would because i can imagine it wouldnt be too nice wearing a puffy uncomfortable nappy 24 hrs a day 7 days a week lol!
but i make sure the bath she gets a good 20 mins of kicking, in and out of the bath!
I have a good heater in the bathroom so try and give DS some good nappy free time cos he seems to really enjoy it, haven't had any issues with mess yet because i keep a towel handy (it helps that he pees the same way everytime so i know exactly where to keep the towell!)
No they dont really need nappy free time, people only say that cause back in the day well 20 so years ago when people used cloth nappies mostly and disposable nappies weren't very good babies would get nappy rash easier so would say nappy free time to prevent this. But now that cloth and disposable nappys are waaayyyy better they dont need to.
I still do it as i couldnt imagine being in a nappy 24-7 and both my sons found it easier to roll around with no nappy.

We have always given our 6 month old daughter nappy free time since birth. We've found it has helped with her movemnet but also it has kept her fairly free of nappy rash!! We still do it in Winter, we place towels on the floor and off she goes. We don't have to chase her if she pees. She loves it.
My baby loves being naked. If she is cranky, I just strip off her clothes and she is happy. We normally strip her off 1/2 hour before her bath and let her have a kick around on the carpet before her bath. I bought some bassinet mattress protectors ($5 for 2) and I just lie her on one of those. I then normally put a cloth nappy/ wrap over her, and she plays with it. I just put a heater near her to keep her warm.

I think nappy free time is important. How awful would it be to have your backside clad in a chemical filled urine soaked disposable or a bulky cloth nappy. (even the thin ones are bulkier then anything else) I just used to pop dd on a couple of towels - it was never a drama. Even as we speak dd is currently drawing in front of the fire with no daks on. Our next bubs is due in Nov and we are going to try ec'ing from the start so they will rarely be in a nappy.
I dont think they "need" it but if you live somewhere where its warm then it couldnt do any harm. We live in antartic conditions so we dont do nappy free time here and neither of my girls is suffering because of it, no nappy rash here nor developmental delays from restricting their movement due to wearing a nappy.

Disposable nappies draw the urine away from the bottom and if changed regularly your bub shouldnt get a rash.
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