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Hey everyone!

I took my baby to the doctor today (beacause the doctor just wanted to make sure he was gaining enough weight, 600g in 3 weeks! so thats great!) So i asked him about my sons clicky hips (I think its his hips) it never did it when everyone else did the "test" but anyway long story short it did it when he moved his leg! Well he referred me to get an ultrasound, I was just wondering if anyone has had this happened and what can I expect when I get the test results back?

Worried Mum..

The ultrasound will be checking whether or not the ball socket is surrounding the hip properly. Make a fist with one hand and cup your other hand over the top of it, the cupped hand is the socket that the ball sits in and if it is underdeveloped it is not covering enough of the ball and needs to be held in place for some time to get it to grow over the ball more. CDH (Congential displacia of the hips) or "Clicky Hips" is not uncommon and can be fixed so dont panic about that part of it. My son only had about 27% coveridge in one hip and about 38% in the other - this was a pretty bad percentage, a normal babys hip should be around 60% coveridge. If it is found your son has CDH he will probably be placed in a Pavlik Harness until his hips develop properly, My son was six weeks old when placed in it and had it on 24/7 for six weeks. They generally do six weekly ultrasounds to check the growth of the bone. He could only be bathed once a week at his physio appointment but i eventually learned how to adjust the harness myself so he was being bathed twice a week, the more they have it on the better and quicker the harness will do its job. The pavlik is not fun, but a necessary evil. I hope this has shed some light on it, please feel free to msg me if you need more info after the scan - I am MORE THAN HAPPY to help and wished I had someone to talk to and bounce questions off when my son had his harness on. PS, he now has more than 60% cover and is a healthy happy baby. Hope the u/s goes well for you both. Katie

Christopher 08/10/05 William 30/12/08

Yeah hope all goes well too! Will let ya know of the outcome once I get in!

All is well! Here I was worrying about nothing! Thanks for your help tho!

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