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Can anyone out there please help!!

My 11.5mth old DD wont drink alot of fluid throughout the day, such as water of juice, i prefer water but if its juice that she will drink i dont mind as i generally cant get her to drink anything. She has two bottles of milk a day of roughly 150-200mls and some days this is all the fluids that she will drink.

I Have tried all sorts of different drinking cups and drink bottles and this doesnt make any difference.

Please help any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Fee,

Brayden is 11 months and is the same. He is getting better actually. Since his older cousin visited and stayed with us (and she drinks a lot from her sippy cup) he has decided he too will drink from it now rather than try and chew the top off.

Anyway, he use to spit out his water so I decided having him drink and spit it out is better than not giving it to him... as surely he should be taking some in!!!

In the last few weeks, he will grab his sippy cup from me and have a quick short drink (without spitting it out) especially after a long nap or eating a biscuit. He still does spit it out sometimes but I guess thats when he's not thirsty???

I was also worried like you but I think that giving him yoghurt and fruit that is quite juicy made me feel better.

I'm not sure if I've helped at all but just thought I'd let you know you're not alone!

Bye for now.

I always have a straw cup around for DD, she has some when ever she feels like it. It took a bit to get her to drink from her sippy cups, but now she is pretty good. I was wondering if you have tried a normal cup or glass with your bubs. I find DD watches me drink from a cup, then grunts as if she wants it. I put it to her mouth, pour a bit in and she swallows. It can dribble a bit - but she's always got some mess so I'm not so worried. You've probalby tried it, the only other thing I could come up with for you guys.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Fee
I have trouble with my 11 month old girl she only has between 2-3 bottles a day of milk but wouldnt drink any fluids. I have bought her a cheap cup with a straw in it and she will have little sips out of that. Before that i would sit next to her with a cup of water or those water bottles with the spout tops and i would have a drink. She would decide that she would like the bottle and it turned into a game i would have a sip then she would. It is all trial and error i think but i understand it can be quite frustrating especially when they spit it out. Usin the straw one now she seems to only take what she wants. Still not a lot of fluid but more than before so i am happy as she is slowly gettin there.

mum of jen 28-05-05

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