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Anyone try 'advantan' for baby eczema? Lock Rss

My DS is 6 months old and has had moderate eczema since he was about 4 weeks old. He mostly gets it on the face, but when it's bad he gets it all over his back, elbows, knees and ankles.

Our everyday routine is QV oil in bath, Cetaphil lotion all over, Cetaphil cream on the 'hot spots'. We moisturise at least 3 times a day. I dont like using cortisone but we have used Sigmacort when he was bad.

New Dr prescribed Advantan Fatty Ointment: results? Gabe's skin is BEAUTIFUL!! Like silk!

But we only use it for a few days at a time and I'm finding that about 3 days after stopping, the rash starts coming back.

Any other experiences?

where can you buy this ointment.. My DD is 3.5months and her poor little skin feels like a mild sand paper on most days.. Like you we use the QV as well as the anti flair and then lube her up with the cream as well as finding that the cortisone is not really effective anymore..
Hi, my DS had a severe case of eczema just this week, he was admitted to hospital and all. We went to see the dermatologist a couple of days after discharge, and he prescribed the advantan. he said that it is very strong, and you only need to use it on the worst parts. But the thing is you wont be able to just stop suddenly. you will have to gradually decrease the strengths, dropping down to the sigmacort etc etc... DS's skin is now almost back to normal, but it is very involved, wet dressings, applying creams morning and night, with paraffin applyed about every hour (it is very greasy but it works wonders).
So after that long story, i would suggest seeing a dermatologist if you can.

Scoot - you need a prescription to get the advantan

Tootles: Your poor baby! People think that eczema is 'just a rash' but it can be pretty bloody horrible! Thank you for the info Tootles: I will ask for a referral to a dermatologist. (Actually, we were asking for a referral when the new Dr prescribed the Advantan!). How old is your DS?

Scoot: Hope everything works out with your daughter. It is so hard to look at your beautiful baby and see them uncomfortable. I will let you know if I learn anything new from the dermatologist.

Have either of you had eczema in the family? Hubby and I don't but we both have asthma and get hay fever which the doc said are big indicators.


My son has eczema had an outbreak all over his face at 6 weeks old and it cleared up with Elidel, then it came back over most of his body at about 6months and we then started creams, oils, etc. Like you would all know.

We had Advantan for a while, we really felt that creams only seemed to work for a while and then it was like his body got used to them. We have a great GP who helps us with all the different creams and oils, Also is in our family so we have family support too.

Give everything a go and just keep a note of how things work and look for any triggers, we find sand is a bit of a problem at times.

Good luck

Amy, Caleb & Olivia

Thanks ladies for the tip and yes my hubby had severe eczema as a child so i blame him!!!
Lets just hope that she grows out of it soon.. I hope all goes well with your bundles of joy..
Thanks again
My son has had eczema since four months old.

I've had a hard time keeping it under control - he's 2.5 now. We've been using dermaid daily since four months.
All the other "magic" lotions people swear by have been a waste of money for us. Moogoo, coconut oil, hopes relief etc. they have all been pointless as they are for dry skin only and don't address the trigger for inflammation.

we never ever use soap, we have bath oil in the bath and hands are washed with cetaphil/qv/dermaveen. His clothes are washed in amolin detergent with a long rinse.

My son is confirmed allergic to eggs and has a contact allergy to cats and dogs. We have a cat.
The doctor thinks it's our cat that is trigger for the eczema inflammation.

With docs blessing, I've just hit his eczema hardcore with advantan for 3 days and for the first time since he was a newborn, his skin is clear. The difference in his temperament has been profound. No more tantrums or getting upset at the slightest thing.
Unfortunately as we have a cat in the house, a few days later his eczema is flaring up again.

I guess the key to eczema is finding the triggers to inflammation and once that is under control, just managing the dry skin.
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