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My baby has a respitory virus and bronculitus Lock Rss

My beautiful 10 month old has rsv which is a respitory vius of the broncules (sp?) where mucus clings to them and restricts breathing.

She has been in hospital since Sunday night where the inital diagnosis was Colic but was brushed aside when her oxygen stats went from 95 - 98 down to 90 and heartbeat went from 160 - 180 to 215. After a nasal swab they found rsv, and today told me rsv and bronculitus. The doctor is telling me to take it a day at a time.

Her temps have been between 36.9 - 39.9, the nurses dont seem to be too worried about the high temps and that she isnt that sick - she could be worse. I understand that they have dealt with this before and that it could be worse but this is my baby and I havent been through this. This is scaring the hell out of me and I dont know what to do to help her. I feel so helpless.

Sorry about the long rant I neeed to get it all out.

Any one elses baby had this - and any resulting illnesses. I have been told she could end up with asthma from this - just wanting to know if there is anything else.

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My son had this at 10 months also - 3 months ago - but didn't require hospitalisation, so not as scary. Still, I watched him breathe for 3 days until the wheeze and rattling settled down, and I was worried. He was completely over it within 5 days, and has had 2 mild colds since then with no problems - I was told also that he might develop asthma afterwards, but no signs of it yet. My nephew had it quite severely 2 years ago, but he already had signs of asthma, which he has now grown out of. Apparently it's pretty common, and don't worry, the hospital staff see stuff like that all the time and they know how to handle it. Hope your little one is better soon - I know how awful it is when they are sick.
Hi there.
My DD was hospitalised 4 times from RSV & Bronciolitis from the age of 8 weeks. At 8 weeks she was in hospital for 14 days and it was the most aweful thing I have had to experience. She coughed so much that she couldn't breath and would turn blue, she was on oxygen for 5 days as her levels were around 70-80% without it and she had a naso-gastric tube in to be fed as she refused feeds for days and days. This is obviously worst case though as she was so young. All the other times the illness was resonably mild and only required 2 nights in hospital. It is so scary when you don't know what your dealing with and like you I became very frustrated at the nurses who seemed to be very aloof about it all. Some of them clearly don't have children!!
So don't stress too much, RSV just has to take it course. It usually will get better after a few days, plus she is on the older side of the babies who would usually get this.
Is she coughing??
Also, as far as the asthma side of it goes.. the bronciolitis doesn't cause asthma but it can be lead up to it. My DD is now 2 and we are having all the same problems still although now she has been diagnosed with Asthma. Quite often, if a child is under 2 they are very reluctant to diagnose asthma so the term bronciolitis is used. However this could just be the way the RSV is affecting him and he may never develope Asthma.
I hope this helps and wishing your daughter a speedy recovery!
[Edited on 02/09/2009]
Hi ddon and alexandbyron, thankyou for your replies.

Thought I would give you an update of how my little girl is doing.

Yesterday, she was diagnosed with pnemonia and a slight collapsed lung. Right now she is in hospital in quarentine on 50 -60% heated oxygen. They are considering whether on not to put a feeding tube in - as she is not eating and hardly drinking. We are syringing water or milk or bit of juice in her mouth as she will only drink 40 - 50mls every 5 - 6 hours. Her temp hasnt gone below 39 since yesterday morning at 3am.

DP is with her at the moment so I could come home and have a rest but all I do is look at the ceiling feeling terrible because I am not in hospital with her. I am feeling so helpless at the moment.

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My little girl (DD2) had this at 9 weeks and was in hospital for 3 days on oxygen and spent 24 hours on a feeding tube. Obviously her case wasnt as bad as your little ones. I am surprised they are not giving her panadol, I asked for it for my girl when she was in, she only had it a couple of times but it made her more comfortable.

I was never told my DD may go on to get asthma as a result of this, did they explain that to you in much detail? The only thing the paediatrician said was that now she's had bronchiolitis RSV is that she wont get it again this year and if she does get it again in future it should be fairly mild and will present as a cold & cough.

I hope she gets well soon, its awful when they are so sick.

Hugs to you, I hope you are ok... its a very stressful time.
I am feeling so bad for you - what an awful experience. You said she is in quarantine - does that mean her flu test was positive? I"m thinking about you and hoping she turns the corner soon and is well again.
My girl was quarantined also, I think its because Bronchiolitis RSV is highly contagious.
HI, Sorry to hear your bub is so unwell.
Bronchiolitis is basically the name given to an illness caused by a number of different viruses the most common of these [viruses] being RSV. bronchiolitis has similar symptoms to asthma (mucous, swelling of the bronchioles, difficulty breathing, wheeze, cough etc) but usually does not respond to ventolin (there is a grey area as they get around 1 year of age where they can start responding as bubs then have the receptors for ventolin) It does not mean that your child will definately get asthma but if they have reaccuring bronchiolitis they are in a higher risk category to suffer asthma when they are bigger. RSV usually gets worse over four days and then the bub starts to improve, treatment is always supportive (oxygen if low oxygen level or working hard, feeding tub or drip if trouble with feeding) If your little one has been uncomfortable I agree with the earlier post that she should have some paracetamol at least to see if it makes her a little more comfortable. Getting a pneumonia unfortunately will lengthen her recovery time. I cant imagine how stressful this must be for you esp as it sound like they have not given you very clear info on whats going on. It is common illness but I agree when its your bub its scary. I know you feel helpless but just being there and comforting her will be helping. Make sure you look after yourself also
hi everyone,

my DS (almost 9 months old) has only just come out of hospital. He had been sick for a few days with temps over 40 degrees. We took him to emergency last tuesday night but he didn't need to be admitted. But then, on thursday, his temp would not go down (was only 38.5 - still high but good for what he had been) so I called his doctor to ask for advice. While I was on the phone and had DS in my lap, his temp shot to over 40 again and he went all limp. SOOOO scary, so I rushed him to the doctors (as they suggested) and there his breathing worsened. Doctor called the ER and told them we were on our way. Once we got to hospital, his oxygen fell to 86% (93% is considered bad). He had blood, chest, snot and urine tests and found that the most common virus that kids get, he didn't have.. And still unsure what he has. But out of hospital now and DS is starting to feel better. Not eating much at all except dry toast. BUT, the thing I want to ask everyone who has had their bubs on oxygen (and obviously an oxygen sensor) is this: my DS had the sensor on his big toes for 2 days. Now he has a MASSIVE blister on his toe. Has anyone experienced this? I asked my cousin who is a doctor and she said that it is a burn blister and that the nurses should have kept moving the sensor from toe to toe. Is this right, or is it just a blister from the sensor rubbing on his toe?

a sensor should be moved every few hours due to the risk of burns. It is more common in a small baby but if they have left it on the same spot the whole time then your cousin is probably correct.
Hope you bub gets better soon. Was it a febrile convulsion that he had? I am assuming his blood tests were normal.
I know how you are feeling. All three of my boys have had bronciollitis.
My eldest was 7 weeks old, was in hospital for a week and on oxygen. His oxygen saturation levels were around 60%

My middle son (3rd child) was 1 week old and ended up in a humidicrib for a few days.

My youngest son had it recently. When I took him to our local hospital and told the nurses that i thought he had bronciolitis, they agreed, until they called our doc who came up to the hopital straight away. He had recieved a phone call with the results of the Guthrie heel prick test, and our son has cystic fibrosis. A chest xray showed he had pneumonia and we had to get airlifted to the children;s hospital that night.
Longest night of my life.

Turns out he had RSV as well. Its highly contagious, but also a lot like chickenpox and should only get it once in his life.

We had to spend 3 weeks in hospital, most of in hooked up to oxygen, three different types of antibiotics (and other meds galore)

The cystic fibrosis is a lot of work, but he is growing well now.

I hope you little one gets better soon! PM me if you ever need to cry or vent!
the other woman was right (sorry cant remember your name), the sensor has to be moved at least a couple of times a day as it can burn.
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