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Insect Bites Lock Rss


Just wondering if anybody has got remedy's for insect bites mainly sandflies/midges bites?

We live in Darwin and no matter where you go there are always sandflies. Jordan is 7 months and when he gets bitten they are red and come up quite quickly. I do use vinegar if I see them straight away but sometimes they turn into little hard surface bites and will stay there for a week or more.

I try putting on different varieties of creams as he gets a little bit of eczema as well but if it is bad his poor little legs look a mess!

Has anybody also got a remedy for a repellant? I have heard baby oil and dettol and get mixed reports about it.

I try and keep him covered whenever possible but they are so small they get through the flyscreen too.

If anybody has any suggestions that would be great!

Thanks Heaps
Nobody's got nothing? Bugger!

i dont have any remidies
but have you asked a natrapath? maybe she/he could make you up a little bottle of something????????

all i do is put ice on it to get the heat out of the area to stop scratching

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Chelby,

My God thank you for replying to my post I was thinking that I shouldn't have put anything up as nobody seems to have any answers!

Didn't think about a natropath but that would be a good idea!

The ice is a good idea too.

Thanks for that!
Hi Michelle (Jordan's mum)
Have you asked at a chemist about repellents? My in laws live in country Vic and when my daughter was 7months,and we were going to visit, I went and asked the chemist what I could use. (they live right between the Murray river and a tributary creek,so there's heaps of mozzies) He gave me something (a cream) that was supposed to not be used til 12months old, but he said that it was better to use it anyway, than to let her suffer all the bites.
So maybe there's something like that you could use? I can't remember the name of the one I was given, and it's stored in her room, where she's currently sleeping, so I;m not about to go and see what it's called!!
Sorry I haven't got any other ideas, I use Bepanthen on the mozzie bites.
Hi Georgina,

Thanks for that I might ask at the chemist although trouble is I will have to put it on him all the time as they are that bad here. Just worried about using stuff like that only because he gets eczema.

Yeah I used bepanthan too and seems to do the trick sometimes.

Thanks heaps mate!
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