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Strawberry Haemangioma birth marks Lock Rss

Hi, DS 1 has one on his head just below the hair line. He is 2 now and it is very faint and not raised at all. It got to the size of about 1cm and from about 6 months old stopped growing and then started to get ligher. I remember being abit worried as it was on his face (maybe me being a bit vain) But as you would know no mum wants any marks on their babies face. He also has one in groin which is fading fast but it was alot biger and is still a little raised.
Now we have 12 week old twins boy/girl and would you believe it DS2 has on in the same place, it started growing about 4or5 weeks ago and is now twice the size of DS1. I hate it being there, now I will have to put up with people asking what happened to the little fella as I did with DS1. The main thing though as it is so raised and looks like it would hurt but pead' said it will go and we know this but I wish it wasn't where it was. I know there could be worse.
Apparently they are heretitry(sp) and I did have one a a small child and dh's sisters little girl had 2 really big ones on leg.
I have been told they normally go by school age and if they are in the way of something they can remove them and gp told me sometime they will use blood pressure med's.
You will notice when your DD's stops growing there maybe a little time in between this and it starting to change colour, but once it starts turning whitish you know it will not get- bigger and is on its way out. Hope I have helped alittle. I would say if you are worried about where it is go to doc if you think it may hinder hearing or something.

Oh the poor little thing, it makes me feel bad worrying about my 2 DS's (they are much smaller the your dd's(, I hope it starts to go soon. Did they think about removing it? Have you thought about a second opinion?
Good luck with it.

My DS was born with a birthmark on his upperback between his shoulder blades. Within a few months it had become raised by a few mm. I took him to the doc as it happened quite suddenly, and thats when the doc told me it was a haemangioma. He told me that they can grow bigger but can be removed, but they can also go back down and disappear. Luckily in my sons case by the time he was around 1 (by memory) it had gone back flat and just looks like a normal birthmark now, more faded in colour than it started off.

My DD (who will be 3 next week) had one. I noticed it when she was a couple of weeks old by her groin and thought it was nappy rash, but when it started getting bigger I took her to the Dr and he told me it was a haemangiona. It got to the size of an old 50 cent coin and about the same height.
At about 4mths old it statred to ulcerate and would weep, which was particulary tricky being in her groin (wees and poos). I found a website about haemangioma's and found it really helpfull (will try to remember the site and let you know). DD's haemangioma had completely gone by one year and has only a very small reminder of it.
I took pics of it when it was weeping, its amazing to see the difference of then and now
Good luck hope this helps
DD is a year old and has got one on her lower back it didn't show up until she was a few weeks old. It is really small and hasn't grown at all so not worry at all and will probably stay that size.

DS Jacob 15/4/03 DD Kaitlyn 16/09/2008

I had one on my leg/shin from birth. It disapeared by the time i was 3 i think. Mum says it just faded away. No signs what so ever that i ever had one but i do have a few faint veins in the spot and no where else not sure wether its related or just from when i was hairdressing

It was the size of a 50c piece
[Edited on 27/12/2009]

My DS had two, one on his back (which is still there) and one on his finger tip, which disappeared a few months after he was born. The one on his back has never gotten bigger, just a bit brighter and raised a little. Every time we took DS (now 10 months old) to the doctor, we always had it checked out but were always told that it will probably just go away and not to worry about we don't. I guess cause its on his back, I'm not too worried, but I can udnerstand why some of you might be worried about it being on your little ones faces or other places more visible.

my first 2 children had these strawberry marks appear on their feet - both had one on their heel - after a few weeks of age. DD's was the biggest but both disappeared by the age of 2. we just had to monitor them cos there was a chance they might burst/break open once the kids started walking.
We have a new baby son who is only 2 weeks - will be interesting to see if he gets one too!
All 3 had those stork marks at the back of their necks too....
wonder what causes them??
I was actually coming on here to post something about this exact topic!

My little girl is 8 months old, but was early so 6 corrected, and she has two... one on her right side pretty much where her nappy sits that is the size of a 50c coin and really raised, but its almost like a bubble in that is goes it and doesnt look completely attatched.... the other one is slightly smaller but still probably about the size of a 20c coin and is just above her left ear... this one is also fairly raised, prolly about 1cm maybe slightly more, but the skin around it is also fairly raised so it looks alot bigger...

whilst they havent grown in the last few months, they arent really showing any signs of going away either, and we are now looking into getting them removed...

i must admit, i have been become very disheartened by the whole process, because all along doctors have said 'just wait they will go away' and now the more i read and the more sites i find the more i am hearing that they really need to be treated in the growth stage...

we want to get them removed not so much because of how they look (although if one more person asks me whats wrong with her with this horrified look on their face i am going to screm!) but because they seem to be bothering her more the older she gets... if she bumps them she is also more upset than if she bumps anywehere else, and she doesnt like bein caried when your hand is on the one on her side, and we are worried about it ulserating as it is pretty much on the nappy line...

so my question is... has anyone had them removed? wand if so, where? would you did it again? did you have any complications? we are having trouble finding a doctor to take us seriously...
sorry I dont have any advice... my DD has one on the back of her neck just above the neckline of her clothes. Its not that big, maybe about the size of my thumbnail but so many people ask about it, like they think i've dropped something on her and not cleaned it off!LOL one person said to me, how lucky they were with their kids coz they never had anything like that!! WHATEVER!!!
So far I have been told it should fade away usually by the time they are two. I have two older kids and neither of them have them. My older brother had one on his forehead, Its in his baby photos but it disappeared... Weird things thats for sure!

Hi, I just thought I would update anyone interested in these birthmarks. As I said DS2 has a big one on his forehead about 2cm round and sticking out about that as well (this is the bit we were worried about it sticks out) So we asked pead for a referral to RCH just to get it checked out and see what can be done. We know they do go as DS1 had one and at 2.5 it is hardly noticeable now but his didn't stick out. Anyway went down to Melbourne this week. They have put him on a beta-blocker(sp) meds to help reduce it quicker which they say they have great results with. Also the doc was great he said not to worry it should go away by its self but if for some reason it is still there by the time he is 4 they will remove it before he goes to school. So we have 3.5 years for it to go and because alot of his birthmark is under the skin (this is why it sticks out) we should have a quick reducing. So for anyone worried and has not been to see a doc yet it is worth going to see what they can do with these.

My little boy has 3 strawberry marks. He was born 8 weeks early & they appeared about week after birth. He has the largest one on his left wrist approx the size of a 50cent coin but it has a few grey/white spots in it, so it looks like it will fade fairly quickly. He has a bright & rather raised small mark (size of 1/2 the little fingernail) on his right abdomen & a minute spot above his right knee. The doc said they are common in premmie babies & usually are a result of malformed blood vessels. He said 50% usually dissapear by the time the child is 5 & 80% dissapear by about 9 years old. I have my fingers crossed that they do dissapear but doesn't matter if they don't as they are not in an area of the body to cause problems.

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