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Cold at 5 months Lock Rss

Any hints on making a cold easier for a 5mth old??

I have the same cold and at the moment seems to be just a runny nose and slightly scratchy throat.

Any hints on getting a little nose cleared??


Hamilton, NZ

Have you tried Demazin? its really good, it clears up a runny nose in no time at all. Or if you didnt want to give any medication maybe try rubbing some 'Eucky Bear Rub' or 'Vicks Baby Balsom' on bubby's chest. We also went through a rough patch of cold after cold last winter and found that a Vicks Steam Vaporiser in DD's room worked a treat.

Goodluck, i bet the poor little angel feels miserable.

I know this sounds disgusting. But one of the best things that helped my DD with her cold when she was younger was squirting brest milk up their nose... it works wonders.. better than any medication. But that is if you're breastfeeding. The other thing we use for a runny or blocked nose is "Fess" is saline drops and a suction thing to pull the goobies out! Such a disgusting topic. you can get that from any chemist. Good luck

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

raise the cot on the head end to make breathing easier, & the vicks warm steam vaporiser & euky bear rub works a treat. I use demazin too for my kids when they have a cold, but have stopped with my son as his ears don't drain properly when you give them that, so causes him to get ear infections.
My DS had cold at 3 months and I used Medic Spray - did not have a vapouriser and not enough money to buy one. You get this spray from a chemist. I spray it around his room before he goes to bed, put some baby balsam on his chest, tilt his cot mattress slightly and there is no problem. Try it, it is not very expensive.

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

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