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tounge snip or not to snip. Lock Rss

Hi all, my 10 month boy has a tounge tie. It isn't severe, he could still feed properley even though he was 34.5 weeks prem. I was offered to have it snipped when he was at hospital, but I declined as he was constantly being jabbed with needles and probes while he was in special care nursery for all the blood screens...jaundice and air saturation levels etc. I just couldn't bear the thought of more pain for him.
My CHN has been at me a few times to have it snipped, but again I don't want to cause any unneccessary pain. My only concern is I don't want him to have any speech impediments such as a lisp because of restricted tounge movement.
Has any one else had any speech problems with bubs and tounge ties???
I know in my heart that if he does have problems I will have it snipped, but if he does't have to I won't.


my ds is also 10mths wen i had him he had trouble attaching to the boob and the nurse said he may b a bit tounge tie.though as time went on he took to the bottle really well and the chn has never said anything to me so i think he may b ok.does ur ds have trouble feeding?
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