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Your Dental Care Tips Lock Rss

Hi to all the Huggies Mums

Brushing your baby's teeth can sometimes be a little trying. Do you have any tips or advice for other mums on how to care for their baby's teeth? In fact how do you manage to get a toothbrush into their mouth at all?

We look forward to hearing your tips.

Hi everyone,

My little man at 8 months has got his two bottom teeth. I use a wet clean washcloth to clean them after each meal and when I do them I try and make it fun so he lets me do it by making funny noises or sing to make him open his mouth and smile. Another tip for them liking a toothbrush is to give them their own little toothbrush just to chew on so they can get used to the texture, etc. My Mum done this for myself and my sister.

Hope this is of some help.

There is a toothbrush you can buy which is basically like the finger section of a rubber glove only a little stiffer, it has soft bristles on the end just like a toothbrush. It gets put onto your finger and makes brushing bubby's teeth and gums easier. The fact you can feel the gums and teeth through the rubber allows you to use as much or as little pressure as you need without hurting there tender mouths. My son loves the feeling of it. You can buy them from chemist. Just watch your fingers don't get chomped. lol
Hi all,
My son is 13 months and he knows when I say "brush your teeth" what I mean because as soon as his teeth appeared (6 months) I have been gently giving them a quick brush with a baby toothbrush (the type that is a small version of an adults). I give it to him while he's in the bath. First I give them a quick go while a sing a silly "you brush your teeth chhhh chhhhh" song (I think playschool does it) and he loves it, he lets me do it for short amounts of time. Then I just allow him to chew on the bristles a bit. I also try to show him when I brush my teeth too and make it look fun, often singing with a lovely mouthful of toothpaste. I figure I will introduce very small amounts of child's toothpaste soon too.

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

After reading these tips I thought I better start my man on his way to looking after his teeth. We bought the colgate my first toothbrush. I give it to him in the bath so he can chew and splash with it. Just before we're finished in the bath I give his two teeth a light brush.Hopefully by starting so early it will make life easier down the track.
Hi all,
I was a Dental Assistant for a few years, as the other mums have posted starting early is a great idea & saves you having to get a three year old in a headlock to brush their teeth smile

Brush up & down instead of across,
Gums are just as important as teeth, cos there what hold them in!, so making sure that you massage the gums SOFTLY whith the toothbrush whilst brushing is just as important as brushing them, also the smaller & softer the toothbrush the better (this is the same for adults aswell).

Hope this helps!


Hi all,
I found that giving Ryan his toothbrush to play with in the bath, right from when he was first teething (and before any popped through), has helped with brushing his teeth. He knows that when he sees mum and dad brush their teeth, he has to do his, and he loves it when we make silly noises to get him to smile (easier for me). He's 11 months with 6 teeth, and loves having his teeth brushed. Only problem now is to teach him how to spit the toothpaste out. Any suggestions???

Rebecca, NZ, Boy born 30/10/03

I found that the only way to get my daughter to open up her mouth to brush her teeth is to sit her with me in front of a mirror, and then we both brush our teeth at the same time - she immitates everything I do. After she has had a good go, she is then generally content to let me finish the job. She is now almost 3 and this is still working.

mum to 2 girls

My son saw me brush my teeth one day and I happened to have his baby toothbrush at hand and he wanted to do the same so now we do it everyday and I sing the same song as Laura does (we brush our teeth chcchchchch) and he loves it . Prior to this I used to use a face washer during bath time to rub his gums and at first the first few teeth but now he has more teeth and he's happy with the brush.

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

ava is 11months old and has had 6 teeth since she was 6 months old. i too give her her toothbrush while she is in the bath and then we both brush our teeth together. i spose it is all a novelty for her as she is copying what mummy is doing

19yr old 1st time mummy to ava born jan 7th 2004


We've been brushing our bubs teeth for a good few months now. She's now 14mnths and we've just got her some toothpaste in the last month (Macleans 'Milk Teeth'). She quite likes having her teeth brushed, but I also can't figure out how to get her to spit out the tooth paste. I'm only using a teeny smudge on the end of the brush (almost invisible) but am having no luck. It's funny actually, she makes these really cute noises trying to spit it out but I just don't think she gets it.

Any ideas??

Hi Shanna,
Most kids don't understand the concept of spitting until they are at least two. That is why it is not recommended you use toothpaste until they can. "Milk Teeth" and other child toothpastes are really low in Fluoride but if they do get too much it can make them sick but it doesn't sound as though you are using much so it shouldn't be a problem. Keep up the good work!

My babies are all grown up sad

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