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Your Dental Care Tips Lock Rss

Hi Naomi!

Thanks for the advise, it's much appreciated. I guess we'll just continue on and one day have a celebration when she suddenly understands. It's so beautiful to watch them grow.

Have a great day,
I'm new here but had to let you know my 18mth old LOVES brushing his teeth! After breakfast and lunch he is hardly down from his chair before he's walking towards the bathroom saying "teth, teth". If I can't help him straight away because I'm busy with his little brother he is heart broken, standing at the door sobbing. Once they're done, he gives his reflection the biggest, toothiest smile possible and walks out, happy once more. We also started in the bath with a 'brush' with rubber bumps rather than bristles. He chewed it for a few months before I bought him the colgate first toothbrush and paste. He loves looking at himself in the mirror and jiggling to the Play School "Brush My Teeth" song. Hope this gives you more hope for the future,


Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Im actually having trouble with my son brushing his teeth no matter what I try!!
They look dirty too and its really starting to worry me! It's only just started and I was wondering if any one else has this problem and how to fix it! And should I be concerned about him not brushing always. I must add he will let me in for a second but thats it he will only chew on it and Ive heard thats bad for them????? Help I dont him to loss his baby teeth before he should!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi meli,
If your son's teeth look dirty it may be the early stages of decay. It would probably be wise to see a dentist to have them checked. I have seen so many two year olds who have had to have all their teeth removed due to decay but it could have been prevented if it was treated earlier. Best to be safe than sorry.

My babies are all grown up sad

We were told by our Plunket nurse to help prevent decay (even if they dont have teeth yet) if you are feeding your baby juice, to give them a small drink of water when they are done as the juice soaks into their gums & starts to decay their teeth (the natural sugars apparently do their damage that way - I was quite surprised at this as the baby juice is highly diluted anyway) and the water helps to rinse it off the gums.

Arna & Paije (29/09/04)

my mum gave my 2 year old nephew his own tooth brush just to chew on when he was about 6 months old. It helps massage the gums and stuff and get them used to it that way as they get a bit older you just need to put yummy toothpaste on and walla..they brush their own teeth.
Marc actually started to "brush" his own teeth about 18mnths but he is very independent on himslef sohe always wanted to everything mum did.
I will be doing that with my sone when he starts to chew on stuff to.

mum to bayden 25/02/05

ok whats a pinned post and how did i pin it??

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Hi to all,
I spoke to my dentist about this as my daughter got her first 2 teeth at 6 months he advised that as soon as her teeth appeared to use a baby tooth brush to allow her to get used to the feel of the bristles and start a routine everyday, this would promote good dental health and help the teeth cutting through and sooth sore gums, sure enough we have done this everyday and she loves having her teeth brushed smile

Kristy NSW Mum to Aneika 22/6/05 and Perry 02/04/

Hi everyone,

My daughter is 10 months old and has 5 teeth, we have a daily ritual in the bath where Hallie brushes her own teeth. I brought her a Oral B stages toothbrush and some My First Colgate which is mild in flavour and i let her do it herself. Im sure that not alot of cleaning is done, but it gets her use to the tooth paste flavour, and gives her a lovley sweet smelling breath.
Can anyone help me with some advise on teeth grinding?? Hallie grinds her teeth (her top and bottom teeth together)apart from making a terrible noise she has actually taken a small chip out of her top tooth. Im at my wits end as to what i can do to stop this.

Fiona H
Hi Lorraine I found with trying to get my little girl to brush her teeth and i found that the easiest way to brush their teeth is to just give them a babies toothbrush and just them chew on it like is a teething toy just so that they get use to having something in their mouth. It worked for my little girl

Amber. NSW, 10mth baby

We have 2 tooth brushes, one that Linsley uses and the other I use on him. Him and I both brush his teeth at the same time. We use the Mcleans milk teeth tooth paste. Its a fun game for him in the bath at night.

I am so fussy with teeth and dental care I spoke with a dental hygenist about caring for his teeth, she said to let him swollow the tooth paste as he needs the flouride in his system and also to give him flouride drops as we are on tank water but even if we were on town water they dont add flouride in our area so would give them to him anyway. She even said that adults should swollow the last mouthfull of toothpaste at night and not rinse as we still need the extra flouride systemically to keep our teeth healthy.
Hi my son is 20 months and has all his teeth and has had them since he was 15 months old. I give him his tooth brush while hes in the bath so he can chew and play with it ( i watch him to make sure he doesnt put it anywhere unhygeinic) then when its time to hop out i put tooth paste on it and clean them myself quickly i find no arguments that why cause hes learnt when the toothpaste goes on its mummy turn
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