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We took our 18 month old to the dentist and the dentist said we need not have bothered, since he couldn't get a good look in the mouth anyway! We had a quick chat about dental care and that was it. He didn't charge us for the consult. Said to bring our son back in another 6 months or so.
Brush your teeth gently using short strokes. Apply just enough pressure to feel the bristles against the gums. Replace your toothbrush around two to three months or when the bristles are worn. A worn-out toothbrush may injure your gums. Replace your toothbrush after you’ve had a cold.
Lucy's teeth erupted really early, first two bottom teeth around 4 mos, then it was just constant teething. I remember at 12 mos, she had 12 teeth and now at 16 mos, she has all her milk teeth but the last two back molars.
I started cleaning her teeth regularly (against great protest) before bed. I used gauze wrapped around my finger, you could actually feel every side of the teeth and for me, worked better than a wet face washer.
I've been using a baby toothbrush with a smidgen of Colgate 'My First Toothpaste'. Depending on her mood, she'll let me brush (for about 3 strokes) and I sometimes hand her the toothbrush to chew on. I try to make it a fun activity (I must look up this Playschool song that a few mum's have menioned).
Because she isn't walking yet, I have to hold her while doing this nightly routine. I can't wait til she can stand on a chair, learn to brush teeth and spit!
DD has had her teeth brushed since 4 months (when her first tooth came through) however once her molars came in she started to refuse to let me brush her teeth.

DH figured out if we sit her on the edge of the bathroom sink (us behind her so she's safe!), with her feet in the sink and the tap running on a trickle she will happily play with the water and let us brush. Easy!!

We have 2 tooth brushes, one that Linsley uses and the other I use on him. Him and I both brush his teeth at the same time. We use the Mcleans milk teeth tooth paste. Its a fun game for him in the bath at night.

I am so fussy with teeth and dental care I spoke with a dental hygenist about caring for his teeth, she said to let him swollow the tooth paste as he needs the flouride in his system and also to give him flouride drops as we are on tank water but even if we were on town water they dont add flouride in our area so would give them to him anyway. She even said that adults should swollow the last mouthfull of toothpaste at night and not rinse as we still need the extra flouride systemically to keep our teeth healthy.
Thanks for nice information .I also try to show him when I brush my teeth too and make it look fun, often singing with a lovely mouthful of toothpaste. Thanks for sharing.

what worked for me was holding my kids as babies every morning when i brushed my teeth. they soon decided they wanted theirs brushed, and i started at about 11 months. then i bought a little chair for them that goes in the bathroom, and this is called their "dentist chair". they also have a piece of paper stickytaped to the bathroom mirror, and think about what sticker they would like for that day, whilst brushing. it really works for me. my children cry when teeth brushing is over but i just cant stand kneeling down any longer!

i read that if they eat fresh fruit such as apple or pear every day, and they drink a lot of water and don't eat sugary foods often, then it isn't so bad if they won't brush their teeth
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Hi All

My gorgeous son (18 months) has always liked brushing his teeth from 4 months of age and chewing away at his brush however i'm not sure how long to brush his teeth for as he does become bored quickly, as most bubs his age do!

I know adults should brush for approx 2mins but is this the same for bubs or is 30 secs enough???

My 8yr old step daughter has had a mouth full of fillings because her teeth were not brushed enough so now I worry about my own bubs teeth.

Any advice? grin
I have seen my sister finding it hard to convince her child for brushing. However, she got a colorful toothbrush and the kid started brushing like she is having a fun activity! grin

@ Pickle Monster: 30 secs of brushing is fine as long as all the areas are covered at least once. We have to try and find what is it exactly that can make your son's brushing experience interesting. With my son I used to try playing some cute nursery rhymes and distracting his mind so that he brushes for longer. Sometimes dental experts can give you better ideas too.

Thanks for help dear....
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