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We use an electric toothbrush, one that doesn't pulsate and has a kids head on it. We have had a lot more success with this than a standard tooth brush.

Hey Guys according to my thinking never take your smile for provided. Maintain good dental health by practicing regular dental treatment habits and reporting issues to your dental professional quickly. Clean your tooth daily and see your dental professional one to two times a year to prevent gum disease and other dental illnesses.Brush your tooth at least twice a day and preferably after every meal, using fluoride-containing tooth paste.Use an inter dental cleaner, such as a dental pick or dental stick specially engineered to wash between your tooth.Thanks a lot!!

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Try to brush your teeth after every meal for three minutes each time: After your brush girgle with listerine or some other type of mouth wash. Floss at least twice daily. Flossing is a lot more important than people think. It's hard for your tooth brush to reach everything thats inbetween your teeth.
I would think using flavored toothpaste that can be swallowed - toothpaste for kids - might be effective. If they like the taste they're more likely to cooperate. If they won't cooperate, though, for their own good, wouldnt' it just be better to get a couple of strong hospital staff and get the job done? They might be upset for a few minutes, but how likely are they to remember it by tomorrow?
Hi, brushing your baby teeth is a big task. I always go to the dentist for routine check up because teeth is an important part of our body.
I think you can immediately consult to baby care surgeon.
Start cleaning your child's mouth even before his/her teeth come in. Brush with toothpaste at age 2.
I still don't have a baby but I saw some very good tips from my older sister. She was always using a toothbrush of very bright colors that is interesting for baby. Toothbrush has a soft brush so be careful when you buying one for your baby.
After each meal clean teeths of your baby. At the age of 6-7 baby teeths break down and born new teeths.
I and my 8 months oil baby both brush our teeth together she tries to copy me and thus practicing brushing.
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