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Constipation HELP! Lock Rss

My bub who is 51/2mths has been on solids for nearlly 2mths. Since i have been making his food(3wks) he is having problems pooing. He used to go everyday at nearlly the exact time now he is going every 2nd or 3rd day and he is straining. I dont know what to do. I havent really been giving him water cause i didnt know i had to at the moment. What can i do about the constipation. is he to young for prune juice????

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi Kades Mum, is he really straining or just giving a good push?

My boy (almost 5 months) does poo every 7-8 days, so 2-3 days isn't bad, however what is the consistancy of the poo? If it is little pebble like then he is constipated, if it is still soft then he isn't. He may be putting on a show for you if the poo is soft once it is out.

Water is really important now he is on partial solids. AS for prune juice, I don't know. Naomi
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