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Repeat ear infections Lock Rss

Hi everyone

Just wondering what the thoughts are on this, as it is breaking my heart. My 9 month old has now got his 3rd ear infection, this time on a second course of antibiotics as the first 10 days didnt clear it up completely. The doctor said it should clear up over the summer months but if not, then he may need grommets. I would be devastated as he loves swimming so much!! I've stopped taking him to the local pool, but yesterday he went to the beach with us as we were on our honeymoon.

Have many of you mums out there had any experience with this? Is salt water good for ear infection or better no water at all? How did your baby cope with ear plugs and/or grommets?
Did your baby grow out of ear infections? Were they formula fed?

Any thoughts are appreciated, thank you.

Ear infections are extremely common in children under 2 because the tubes in the ears are so small, so as they get older they do grow out of them. Every time they get a cold (which is often!) there is a good chance they can get an ear infection as well.

Some children do need grommets but I think your Dr is jumping the gun even mentioning it after only 3 ear infections. My first DD has had numerous ear infections and rounds of antibiotics, sometimes having to have a second round as the first didnt clear it, sometimes having really long dosages. She never got grommets and hasnt had an ear infection in over a year, cant remember exactly but its been a very long time (she's 3 1/2), her baby sister is 10 months and had her first ear infection last month. After each round of antibiotics get his ears checked and I'm not sure about salt water Vs chlorine, I would have thought best steer clear of any water in the ears for now. That doesnt mean he cant go swimming, just keep his head out of the water.

Both my girls were/are formula fed (DD2 is still on formula at 10 months). Make sure when you feed that his head is higher than his body, never laying down flat while he feeds.

See how he goes after this round of antibiotics and if you are concerned get a second opinion.
[Edited on 10/11/2009]
My son was not referred for grommets until he had 10 infections. They can still swim with grommets, just pop in earplugs and wear a band - in theory - and there are no problems.

Kids can definitely grow out of ear infections - that is why they let my son have so many before grommets. I don't know of any other ways to treat it but I would be careful about messing around with ears.

It is also common for them not to clear up completely first time round so it is good your doctor is rechecking him.
I agree with first post if baby is having a bottle keep them semi upright not lying down as this can give them ear infections.

No experience with grommet etc sorry.
My son is now 3.5yrs old and is going in to hosp next week to have grommets put it. He has had constant ear infections since he was little (some infections taking upto 4 lots of antibiotics to clear up), and in the past 8 months he has had constant fluid in his ears, ear infections one after the other (one landed him in hosp for the night). Its only now that he has been into emergancy and night in hospital and that his hearing has dropped from normal to below average (had hearing test at 18months old and again the other week) that they have decided to try grommets. As others have said, you can still take them swimming even if they have grommets. I have just had my sons audiologist make proper moulded ear plugs for my son so I know that no water will get in his ears. I have also purchased a swimmers head band ($10 at sports store. They are made out of wetsuit material). Alot of people use the headbands on their kids to prevent ear infections that are common after swimming at pools.
Best of luck with your little one. It really is heart breaking watching your child sick and in pain all the time..

Honestly it seems vitemin A is the best hiden secret for repeated ear infections. My MIL gave Vitemin A to my hubby as a tot for atleast a year and he hasn't had anything since, he was at the point of grommets and had had glue ear. My son has had about 8 ear infections since he was born and is now 21 months, i'm a sceptic when it comes to herbal things (within reason) but I started giving him Vitemin A 3 months ago and it cleared up the ear infection he had at the time and he hasn't had it come back since. I give him a producted that I found that is safe for all ages (off the top of my head) and is in liquid form, its made by Karicare and called Vit C, its a mix of Vitemin A, C and I think D, You can get it from most pharmacies and a months supply it, it costs about $10.50.

Its realy great and well worth a try.
Thank very much for taking the time to reply to my post everyone.

Blabla thank you for your advice... after looking into it they don't recommend a Vitamin A supplement, especially for babies, as there are some risk factors when taking too much. This is confirmed by my doctor and the health food shop. I also remember my obstretrician saying to make sure I dont have too much Vitamin A when I was pregnant.

I have got some pro-biotics now for my son as he has been on antibiotics for so long and also some muellin garlic oil drops special for ears to assist with cleaning out some muck. I'm hoping this will help with the healing process.
[Edited on 26/11/2009]
Hi, I wanted to reply even though this post is a bit old now. It was like reading about my own son when I read this.

DS is 10 months old, on his 3rd course of antibiotics for his 4th ear infection. My doctor has referred me to the hospital for a grommet consultation. I had grommets as a kid but my youngest brother was refused despite my mum pleading and pleading with his doc. He had glue ear constantly and is now partially deaf in both ears.

My DS shows no symptoms when his ears hurt other than waking up once a night for a cuddle. No grizzling, no fever, nothing. How am I going to know if things get to the point where the eardrum is going to burst if he has no symptons? I don't want to risk damaging his ears and hearing.

My doc said he's at the age now where he's developing his speech and langauage skills and I just really don't want to make things harder for him by ignoring his recurring ear infections. So we'll go off to the hospital once the referral comes through and I'm going to beg for grommets. Only 25% of kids need another lot after the first grommets fall out so it sounds pretty successful.

I found this regarding swimming:
The majority of children can go swimming without any protection to the ears. Care should be taken to avoid forcing water up the nose or into the ears by avoiding diving or swimming under water. If a child does get a discharging ear after swimming then it is usually easily fixed with ear drops and one should be more careful about getting water in the ears.
My daughter (now 10) got her first ear infection at 6 months. She was put on antibiotics (Amoxicillan soz if spelt wrong). She got better until we stopped the antibiotics. She got another flare up within 48 hours. We had augmenton and numerous other antibiotics, it would be okay whilst on the antibiotics but as soon as she stopped it came back. She would have gunk coming out her ears and really high temps. We were referred to a ear throat and nose specialist when she was around 10 months old and a month later she went into hospital and got grommets. She has never had another ear infection. The grommets fell out when she was about 2.5 years which is a long time for them to stay in a growing ear apparently. She wore ear plugs and a swimming cap when swimming and in the shower. We gradually stopped doing this as we had our follow up visits with specialists. I am really glad we had this done as they get so sick with ear infections. 5 months of constant infections was enough. Good luck with this.
The doctor makes a better help in this. Regularly clean the ear.
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