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No Poo Lock Rss

My 4 month old is usually pretty regular with his poo's - one first thing in the morning & another one by lunch time. He hasnt done any today & he has just gone to bed. I'm not worried yet, but how long is it before I should start to be concerned? He is bottle fed.
They can go 10 days without doing one. The longest mine has gone is 3 days and she usually is a once a day girl.
No need for concern just yet, but if u do start to panic just give your CHN a call and they can let you know what to do.

I am sure he will leave u a nice pressie real soon!
Hey Sharon,
My little man is pretty regular too, occaisionally tho, he just doesn't. I found that when he was about 4 months he wasn't pooing very often at all. I put it down to him using up all the milk he was getting, rather than wasting any, if you know what I mean?
I started trying him with a tiny amount of baby rice at that stage, but not every day. Now he eats (and poos) a lot!! I have been told by some folks that their baby had 1 poo a week (now why didn't I get that one?) but you know how regular your baby usually is. I think he would show some signs of distress if there was a problem.
As D&S said, there will be a pressie waiting for you soon!!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

Don't be worried, its quite normal for their poo's to become intermittent. I was also told upto one poop every 10 days can be normal, as long as bubs isn't straining (ie, consitpated). DD got constipated when we started rice cereal - it was quite stressful. As long as your bub is happy, don't be too worried. I think about 3 days is alright, then I start to watch closely and think about food that might help get things moving.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Shar

I wouldn't be too concerned if your little one isn't too concerned. Zekey went for 14 days without doing a poo! However he is now doing one, and only one (albeit huge) poo every seven days. He is not in any pain so I really am not worried at all.
lillie went 3 days without a poo when she first started solids.
i was like so wanting to smell a poo!! lol
definitly when they atart solids it takes a bit for their systems to get used to new things

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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