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Antibiotics??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
my baby boy just got over bronchitis and he was on antibiotics. Yesterday we went to doctor again and because Adam has "quite red throat" he gave him more antibiotics. I am not very happy with that but not sure if he is not going to be worse if i don't start giving him those. He doesn't seem that bad at all. What do you think about giving antibiotics to little babies? I'm not a fan of it at all. But don't want to be a bad mother neither. Please help!

Pavla+Adam (7.7.05)

Youa ren't a bad mother. My DD was on antiobiotics for about 4-5 weeks when she was 5 weeks old. If the doc says to give antibiotics, I give antibiotics.

However, if you feel that your Doc is prescribing them willy nilly then I would get a second oppinion.
Its a tough one. The doctor must have thought it was a bacteral infection to have given antibiotics. You are right to not want antibiotics overprescribed as it could make later infections more difficult to treat, however with babies you do also sometimes err on the side of caution because they can't tell us how they are feeling and they can become quite sick before we know it. He may have also been run down after his bronchitis and then picked up this infection. Does he have a fever? That is sometimes an indicator of an infection.

I agree with Ana - if you have confidence in your doctor then be confident that he is doing the right thing, if not seek a second opinion.

I hope your wee man feels better soon

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

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