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cows milk allergy Lock Rss

hi mums, just wonderin if any of your bubs suffer from this as im still trying to figure out what is wrong with kayla, she vomitts, has diarrhoea sometimes but not always but she happy and content so its got me puzzled. My partner and his sister were allergic to cows milk and my sister was to so im wondering if kayla has actually got this allergy. If anyones bubs suffers from this what were your major signs and how did you find out they had it?

thanks heaps

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Hi, Preggies,

My DD hasn't got this allergy but I do and the major things to look for are food going straigth threw or straight back up, stomach pain and sometimes a bad rash o her bum simliar to nappy rash. I had a severe allergy when i was a baby so couldn't tolerate any dairy product but as I got older I could torolate more. Just because your Kayla doesn't always have signs doesn't mean she doesn't have this intolerance it could be that it isn't really severe and it takes time for the build up - most milk allerigies are lactose intolerance, for example I couldn't have cows milk at all but because the lactose in goats milk wasn't as high I could stomch this for upto 3 months before it made me sick.
If you formula feed their are lactose free formulas you can try and see if this makes any difference.

Hope this has helped, if you have anymore questions on this subject ask and if I can't help I'll see what my mother did and that might help.
cheers Mum to little Emmy
Hi my daughter is allergic to lactose, soy and goat, she was breast fed till 2 months when the crying wouldnt stop,diarrhoea and vomitting i tried everything with my diet but it didnt make ant difference, we tried the s26 LF as well as soy, and goat formula, It was all a trial and error to find out what was wrong, she was put on a elemental formula called neocate (only avalible on prescription) at 8 months and she hasnt looked back, the paed thinks she will grow out of it as my twins 1990 were allergic to lactose and soy aswell,now they are fine, goodluck

Kim, mum to Kiandra 3 and baby due 29/06/09

my son scott is four months old and since he was one month he has had blood in his poo. at first we were told that it was a fissure and not to worry because the blood was bright red so it was fresh and they thought it was coming from just inside his bottom but on friday after a couple of really unsettled days he started to do black poo. i took him to the ed and he was admitted into hospital because it been black meant the blood was older and coming from higher up. we saw the stomch doctor and he is running tests to make sure he doesnt have a tear or anything like that but he is pretty confident that he has an allergy and his colon has gotten so irritated and imflamed that he was bleeding from there. he said the most likely thing would be an allergy to cows milk so he has me off anything with cows milk to see if it makes a difference (i breastfeed) but he also said if it doesnt we might not find out what the allergy is because it could be something he is breathing in from the air. but blood in their poo can be a sign of an allergy. i guess the only way to find out if it is cows milk is to cut it out of your diet if your breastfeeding or theirs if your not and see if things change.
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