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sterilizing Lock Rss

just wondering if any one knows what age you top sterilizing bottles at,i have heard a few different things and im a bit unsure.thanks
u can just wash with hot soapy water as long as u rinse well this is fine.u can do this from birth.
Hi there, I have been told to keep steralizing milk bottles and teats until 12 mths. All water cups and dummies I just wash in soapy water or put in the dishwasher.
I figured that when they started putting EVERYTHING into their mouths to ease back on the sterilizing, but as I said before I have been told to keep it up with milky stuff.


u can sterilise til 12mths but wen u go to hospital they told me hot soapy water is just as good
The world Health Org says 12 months.
They may be putting everything in their mouths but their bottles have had milk in them and hot soapy water is probably ok but I don't think I did that until #1 was 10 months. #2 is 6 months and I plan on doing it until 10 months again.
Tummy bugs can be as simple as a little upset to loosing alot of sleep one night (I suffer if I don't get enough sleep so I'm not taking any chances, their not likely to get any or enough bugs to kill them but who wants a crying baby if it can be avoided - it's not like they can say "mummy my belly hurts")!

I know their food bowls etc aren't sterilised but if you're going to the trouble of washing and rinsing the bottles, wacking them in the microwave for 4 minutes isn't much extra effort, just to be sure!

When is it ok to fill them with water straight from the tap, that's what I'd like to know??

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