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viral infection Lock Rss

hey everyone

My daughter has got a viral infection i took her to the hospital and they said its mild but if it got worse to take her back up. Its her first ever sickness of any kind and she isnt going well with it at all shes not sleping much and is extremely unsettled the only good thingis that she hasnt lost her appitite yet (touch wood) i looked onthe net for things to help out other then infants panadol but havent had anyluck so i was just wondering if anyone could help. thanks in advance!

Nikki & Makiera

You poor thing Nikki, I bet its a stressful time. DD has recently been sick for the first time, other than a cold. It was as a result of her immunisation but nothing really serious. I've been using panadol, dimetapp and a vaporiser. There isn't much else I can use really, just have to ride it out.

Its good your bub hasn't lost her appetite as DD did (has), its been quite difficult to get her to eat, even her favourite things. Is your DD extra clingy? I found that probably the hardest as DD either had to be on me, or right next to me. She didn't want any-thing to do with DH which upset him a bit.

Anyway, I'm being a usual blabber guts. I hope your DD picks up soon. Take care.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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