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Reactions to immunisation Lock Rss

DD had reactions to her 12 month immunisation which was a bit of a suprise. She never had a problem with any others so I wasn't expected much to happen this time. Its nothing serious, but certainly the sickest she has ever been.

Has any one else's bubs reacted to needles? What kind of reactions did you get and what did you do about it?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


Nina was okay with hers. What kind of reaction has your DD had? Did you talk to your GP? Maybe it is because there were so many needles.
oh poor bubba
lillies is always really tired after her needles so yes i dont mind them at all lol
i actually had to wake her for feeds!!!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi kazi
Hope that bub gets better soon, such a rough time for them when they get their needles being treated like pin cushions.
My DS had an upset tummy and vomiting as a reaction to his set of 6 month needles. No temp or anything like that but just feeling a bit sorry for himself for a few days - whingey that kind of think gave lots of hugs.
Do all bubs get a lump at the site of the injection?
My GP said that was a usual thing also for bubs to get too.
Hope bub is better soon

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

Hey Kazi,

This is the 1st time you have mentioned anything about your DD's appearance...'scrawny arms'.

Is this something you have agreed not to discuss?
Am just wondering, for eg does your DD have slim build, hair, is she tall or little etc etc?

I understand if ya can't mention this!

Nina is a chubba even though she doesn't eat much, I think she looks short but people tell me she is tall, she has light brown curly hair(some days it is tight ringlets and some days it is straightish) and it is getting lighter and lighter, she has a heart shaped face and a bum chin!

And her legs are CHUBBA, I have to seperate her fat rolls to wash inbetween them. She also has really fat, broad feet!
My feet are a size 12 so I think she gets it from me.
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