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Is anyones baby out there allergic to beef??? My DD is allergic to the point of anaphylaxis and now of course she cant have anything that is related to beef including cows milk, yoghurt etc. She also has bad excema and we tried her on soy and that made it worse as well and were told by the allergist to stay away from all milk and soy products.

Is there any other parent out there with the same problem???
I would really love to hear from you..
7.5mth old DS is allergic to cows milk protein, i also told to steer away from soy due to risk of allergy. DS fully bf, but i hav to drink rice milk, and really cant hav any other dairy. i make custard out of custard powder (some have milk powder in them, so be careful, i use fosters n clarks) and rice milk, it tastes ok. we having a check up with the paed in 2wks as havnt seen them since diagnosis 4mths ago

Thank you so much for the reply.. Its so hard to find certain foods with out having milk base in them. She use to really like yoghurt and cheese etc but now with the allergy no way!!! I have even contacted some of the companies that make rice milk and asked about yoghurt and one mentioned that they will have it on the market soon.. what else do you feed your DS???
tell me about it!! how old is ur DD? I make all DS food, veggies, fruit, the rafferty's cereal doesnt have milk in it, i only just discovered it, but farax for older bubs does. DS has never had yoghurt or cheese, i discovered allergy b4 he started on solids, he reacts to my breastmilk!!

He has started on chicken a wk ago and loves that, he has had beef, but only grated, he didnt react to that, it is milk protein that he allergic to. I have been to the health food shop while i out of town, and they hav a custard powder without sugar in it, i havnt tried it yet.

I am hoping he will grow out of it by the time he is 5, but not holding my breath, so i dont think he will ever hav yoghurt, cheese etc. i use nutalex butter also, DH didnt taste the difference with the mash spud til i told him i use nutalex n rice milk

out of interest, what company told you they were bringing out a yoghurt? can you keep me updated on that if they do pls, would be great to try that for DS, or even for me if i still bf!!


Hi my little man is intolerant to cows milk and everytime i have tried him on beef he has vomitted and had really bad reflux. I am lucky that he is not full alergy as he can at least tolerate goats milk. He cant have anything cows milk base which is hard and as he also reacts to rice he cant have many products that are subbstitues for milk (or many baby foods as they all have gournd rice in them)
I guess what i am trying to say is I know how you feel its hard when their diet has to be restricted. Esp when people try to feed your baby something from there plate and you have to sound like a neurotic parent and say please dont feed my child, he reacts to..... Sorry off the track there (my little vent)
I found the health food isle in most shops great as they have a whole bunch of things that are 'everything' free. for example i made my little man custard from some custard powder they had using his milk formula. And my husband who is gluten intolerant buy bread and cake mixes to make.
All the best
i worry about people giving DS things too, my fil gave a granddaughter chocolate way before her parents were ready for her to have it, he betta not do it to DS. He WILL see my nasty side then!!

DD is 9 months.. I will look next tiem I am in woolies for the company that does the rice milk but it was a carton with cream and brown if that helps...
'So Natural'?? that is the milk i buy, nicest 1 i hav found...

I know Ross 544 that your BF but Saltnic are you BF or formula??
he is on goats milk. was only able to breast feed till 2 mths. then beacuse of an oversupply issue (he would choke on my breast milk and go blue) and his reflux we went to bottles of expressed milk (he also needed thickner in his milk) I did that for two weeks but as hubby was away in the navy (5mths of single parenting was not fun) and my boy fed every three hours even overnight i almost fell apart trying to express sterilize feed and live in general. My mum basically told me that even though "breast is best" it is not always best for everyone and distroying yourself is certainly not going to help your little man. (also figured going blue was probably ruling out any benifit the breast milk had on his IQ wink )
Later when I was not in such a sleep deprived haze I noticed that Jude was getting a lot of reflux and other symptoms on the cows milk formula and once i switched him over it was a lot better.

Opps sorry that was my long winded way of saying formula fed smile
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