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My DD is 4mnths old and is now waking in the night and screaming. Doctors have mentioned reflux and given me some tips - keeping her upright and raising one end of her mattress so she is not sleeping flat.

I always thought babies with reflux vomit a lot however my DD has never vomitted much.

Does anyone know anything about reflux,the symptoms and what you can do?
They dont necessarily vomit with reflux, it is milk and stomach acid going up and down their digestive track, and it hurts like hell. If raising the cot and keeping her upright after feeds doesnt help, there are medications that can be used, but they are last resort

My little man was diagnosed with silent reflux at the age of six weeks. Silent reflux is not,as its sounds, painless but infact means that the stomach content comes up into the oesophagus and is the swallowed back down which means the stomach acid burns going up and down leading to pain.
The symptoms my son had (almost textbook) included backarching, food refusal (only occasionally) screaming catnapping during the day, waking screaming (quite often one hour post feed for my DS) a sour milk smell to his breath, more comfortable when upright and as I got more used to it I could sometimes hear him reflux. Also I found his breathing esp post feed was always a little mucousy sounding. comfort feeding. He always put on weight which is not uncommon with the silent reflux bubs though did get dehydrated a couple of times due to the feed refusal.
Some non pharmacutical methods of management include raising the bed (not currently reccomended in the sids guidlines but really helped my little man- you can get things to hold them in place etc, ?safe-t-sleep) holding upright (good during the day but not ideal at night) ivesting in a good baby carrier that hold them upright was very helpful for me, keeping bub upright for half an hour post feeds (also not good at night but i found DS's reflux better at night than in the day.
The following you need to discuss with your doctor:
Some reflux babys end up having a milk/dairy intolerance so if BF you could try a dairy free diet for a while. if bottle fed definately discuss with doctor before trying different formulas.
He also ended up needing thickner in his formula to help keep fluid down (but this does not work forevery baby)
He is on two medications Zantac and losec which helped heaps.
For my little man i would use mylanta (very small amount) when he woke screaming which seemed to help him resettle.
FInally I found the reflux association really great
anyway all the best hope ihave helped
Thanks for the info.

I am getting more confused by the minute. All the nurses we see indicate that they believe it is reflux with typical symptoms - screaming coming off the breast at times, screaming for lengthy periods post feeds esp at night for my DD, back arching etc. However the doctors do not believe it is reflux and just keep telling me that it is colic and she will grow out of it.

Did they do any PH testing for your little one?

I have now got a prescription for an antacid however doctor indicated that he does not think this will help.

A lot of people have asked me whether it was a traumatic birth which it was - not sure whether this impacts on reflux though or not. Do you know?
which antacid have they said to use? and also have you seen a few doctors or just the one. Reflux is a relatively new thing and there are some doctors that believe it does not really exsist so to speak. Did the doctor say why he did not feel it was reflux? from what you've said on here it sounds more like reflux than colic.
(If it is colic is bub bottle fed or breast as if bottle fed the type of bottle can make a difference)
I would try using the anatcid when she wakes screaming and after her feed if it is not the one you put into the bottle (gaviscon infant) and keep a diary of what types of reaction you get. however sometimes bubs need more than just the antacids but its a start for sure.
I did not have a traumatic birth with my little man, however there is some belief that reflux can be caused from this type of birth as it can throw bubs body (eg spine alinement etc) off. a chiropractor is ment to help with this. I saw one with my little man and it did seem to help him, not so much with the reflux but with his sleeping and movement.The problem with reflux is that it can have a number of different causes, (for example cows milk allergy, immature digestive tract, problems with the pyloric spincter- the thing that stops people in general from having their stomach content come back up) so it could be this or a few different things.
hope this helps, I know how you feel its a lot to take in esp when your sleep deprived. feel free to pm me if you want to ask more questions
ps, my little guy did not get any ph testing done. I am not sure if they do it on very small bubs or not, I dont know that i would have wanted it done as is a little invasive and the medications worked well for him so it was obviously reflux. I think if it goes on past one year of age i may ask about other tests as I do not know the cause of his reflux but i think 90% of bubs grow out of it by one and 98% by two so fingers crossed
First of all I hope that you are coping ok! I think sometimes ppl dont realise with silent reflux that bub isnt vomiting but they bring it up swallow it and it causes the most excrutiating burning pain for them.

My DS had colic and silent reflux and it was awful. I found that the infacol really helped him for his colic. Until he was on medication for his reflux he used to want to feed all day as this helps cool the reflux from burning, pull on and off, scream if he was lying down as the stomach acid comes up then, would only be able to sleep up right, slept 2 hours a night and basically spent a lot of time screaming and crying in pain. His colic lasted until the day he turned 3 months and then magically disappeared, that night he slept 6 hours straight which was unheard for him. Up until then I had a few ppl say give him a bottle of formula he might sleep longer at night. I tried this for 2 nights it was the worse thing i could of done as his little stomach couldnt cope with it as it's harder to digest than breast milk and we both payed for it with him in pain and me having to try settle him. The Paediatrician said for him that was the worst thing i could have done (in a nice way not telling me off etc)

With his reflux he was put on Zoton by my GP and Paediatrician who managed his condition. Once they are on the right doseage the symptoms disappear within a few days, you will see though if your baby has grown that the dose will have to be increased as the symptoms will start to reappear again - hopefully they wont though. Most bubs grow out of this by 6-12 months and for many babies starting solids (we started at 6 months) or walking as they are upright helps, unfortunately it didnt for my son and we finally weaned him off his medications on Boxing Day 2009 at 26 months old. By then though he was referred to a paediatric gastroenterologist from 13 months as most bubs have out grown it by then. It took me 10 months to wean him off his medication and if we hadnt of been able to then he would have had to have an endoscopy to see if there was a physical reason he had silent reflux.

Anyway some tips are
* Put the head end of bubs cot on phone books so he sleeps on a slope.
* Dont let him get too worked up crying as this will cause him to get refluxy and if you pick him up if he's lying down you will hear it coming up.
* the sucking action from a dummy really helps reflux babies and helped him
* our baby associated being lied down for bed with pain so we spent a week with him at Ngala a sleep place in perth and they got him to learn how to sleep - this was at almost 5 months old.
* sometimes i would have to stand b/feeding him and have him in an upright position
*my DS hated lying on his stomach and the baby bjorn as the pressure caused him to suffer from reflux then too

Please pm if you have any other questions, I completely understand how awful this can be for you and your baby and sometimes ppl who haven't seen a baby with it before just dont get it or why you are completely worn out and exhausted! Also keep in mind that your next baby might not suffer from it. we've just had baby number 2 and that was our biggest fear but she doesnt.

good luck
My eldest child had 'silent' reflux which meant she never vomitted. She outgrew by the time she was 12 months. However I remember how upset she would be. We also raised the cot but she never liked to sleep like that. We found the best way to get her to sleep was to rock her to sleep in her pram as we could use the reclined position. You also may find that an AR formula may also help.

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