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Question about arrival of 3rd and 4th teeth? Lock Rss

My DD has just cut first two teeth, I was just curious as to when I can expect the top two to start coming through?? Any ideas?
Any tips/stories would be great...

My bub got her 1st two teeth..the bottom 2 and then a few weeks to a month later we noticed more just starting to pop through! But they weren't the top like we expectetd...they were the 2 of either side of the first two bottom ones!
I've heard of babies getting the back ones b4 top and all sorts. Suppose every bub is different.

Good Luck
My DD got her first 3 in the last 2.5weeks and the 4th is just breaking through now.

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My daughter got her first 2 teeth bottom middle at 5 months and she is now 7 months and getting one of her top come through but is one of to the side not in the middle but it looke like some of the other are ready to come through soon also.

so really there is no definate when they will come every bub is different.

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