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Hasn't pooed for a week! Is this ok? Rss

Hi, my baby is 3.5 months old. She was exclusively breast fed up until 3 months when I introduced one formula feed a day, which has now increased to two.
I am concerned as she last had a bowel movement last Tuesday and its now Monday! Has the formula made her constipated or as she is still breast fed most of the day is it normal?
if she was still solely breastfed i would say ok but cause she has had some formula i would go to the baby health clinic and just get checked out for your own peice of mind.

Some formulas are really bad for clogging up babies. We found s26 alpha pro was the worst. You could try your baby with Novolac constipation formula, Our nurse reccomended it for our little one and she was fine within 2 days. Or try giving a little bit of water 2 times a day.
My daughter is 14 weeks old and solely breastfed. She hasn't pooed for 3 days. She used to go almost 3 times per day, then in the last week it changed to 3 times every second day, now nothing for 3 days. Should I be worried? Any suggestions on what to give her to get her going again? I should say that I think she is also teething. Does that have an effect on them?
I would try massaging bubs belly and also moving her legs using the bicycle movement. I think if she hasn't done a poo in another day or so i would take her to the doc. It could also depend on the formula you are using. I have found that S-26 can cause constipation. My daughter is on NAN and i have found it works rally well for her. You could also try Infants Friend. That also claims to keeps baby regular.

Good luck

Hopefully she's gone by now! But, I had the same problem when my daughter was started on 1 bottle of formula a day at the same age as your daughter.

Even though she was not 100% BF she still skipped up to 4 days at a time, but would start to get unsettled.

I found (and this is only me!!!) if I drank lots of OJ it made her go!!! This sounds really stupid, but will all 3 of my BF babies (even when they were only BF they would get sore tummies after not going for awhile.) so after about day 5 I used to drink a few cups of OJ - and then every one of them would go the next day!

Coincidence? don't know, but it worked for me!
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