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Allergies Lock Rss

Lyndsay is my 5 mth old little girl. Approx 1 mth ago she was diagnosed by a paediatrician as having delayed allergies and as I am still feeding her I have come off all major allergy foods. I don't believe that she has allergies at all. From birth she has had trouble with her bowels, screaming to do a poo (this could sometimes start at 3 or 4 in morning until she had the poo at 7). If she does up to 5 poos a day then she will scream all day. We are also seeing a chiropractor for infants and her Sacrum is constantly out. Drs can't see anything wrong because she is healthy and thriving. My last visit with the paed resulted in me coping a lecture about chiropractors and that she definately has allergies.
Lyndsay has improved slightly, that she doesn't have diarrhoea anymore, but she still has pain when doing a poo.
She is not a rashy baby, only what I believe to be normal baby rashes (in skin folds).
I feel like I'm going crazy, she is definately not seeking attention. I know that there is something more to it, but I can't get any help now.
Has anybody had a similar experience?
Gosh - that is incredible. Can I ask how the Ped determined that your bub has 'delayed allergies'? Sorry to be ignourant, but what does that mean? Sorry to pick your brain, its just interesting to learn what others are going through.

You poor bugga, thats all I can say. DD has reactions to green veggies but by no means what you are going through. So what is next for you and bubs? Do you just keep your diet basic, and be careful when introducing solids soon?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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