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Those whose bubs had/have reflux Lock Rss

I'm 99% certain DS has silent reflux. I went onto the reflux association website today and he has 95% of the symptoms listed but specifically he has been a miserable sleeper and feeder. He starts feeding just fine but after about 60mls or so he starts pulling away from the bottle and screaming and no matter how hard I try or how hungry he is he will not eat anymore. This morning he was so hungry that he had a full feed of 120mls or so and then spent the next three or four hours screaming and unsettled sad I tried taking him to a GP about a week and a half or so ago to get them to help me out cause I was suspicious he had reflux and I got totally palmed off by being told that all babies have some reflux and that it doesn't cause them any discomfort so I should stop being so stupid (that's pretty much exactly what the doctor said). But by this morning seeing how much pain my DS was in I decided that I had to do something about it so I've put him on infant gaviscon on the advice of a pharmacist. I'm monitoring him closely and since he's been having it (2 feeds so far) he's been happy to feed, he's been having decent feed amounts and he is much more settled and has slept better. I was highly concerned about how much he was feeding as for his weight and age he should be having at least 640 or more mls a day and was barely scraping 480mls a day and it had been going on for at least a week blink

My questions for you lovely ladies are did your GP or CHN diagnose it? Did you have to fight for a diagnoses? How did you treat it? How long did it take for your bubs to grow out of it? What symptoms did your bubs display? Sorry for all the questions but I'd be greatful if anyone has the time to reply smile

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

hey at 3 weeks my dr diagnosed my son. I was told b y my midwife who visited weekly they dont usually diagnose it till 6 weeks at least. He still gets it occasionally now at 17 months. Molst babies grow out of it by 5-6 months, when they are upright more. We tried Losec (made it worse) and Zantac (didnt work very well either). Gaviscon did absolutely nothhing. have you tried a thickner? They are supposed to work quite well. When you feed him try and keep him upright as much as possible. After he has had a feed keep him upright for a minimum of 3o minutes. trying smaller feeds more oftern might work. Have you tried elevating his bed at one end? If it contiunes I would suggest going to a different dr. What formula is he on? It might not be agreeing with his tummy. Have you tried a reflux formula?
hey DS has had silent reflux since birth and NO ONE picked it up. we are migrants and from where i come from, no one has ever heard of reflux so i didnt know what was happening (everyone kept blaming my milk!)

at 5 months he actually started vomiting alot, thats when the doc put him on losec and said it should settle by 9-10months

at 11 months reflux is still on--doc advises to continue losec..which i didnt--way too much meds for a baby IMO.then doc says it should settle by 14-15mnths

DS is not 14months and still got reflux!though not as bad as before. i've recently started taking him to a chiropractor and he seems better

i would tell you to go with your gut feeling. reflux is caused at birth depending how they pull out the harm talking to a chiro before you decide what to do


Hi Hannah.
DD2 had reflux. She was very settled for 2 weeks, then all problems started.
I had a midwife come and spend whole day with me to watch DD over that period, she said it was definately reflux. Being a nurse myself I was a bit hesitant with the diagnosis.

Went to GP, diagnosed with reflux, put her on Gaviscon, no improvement.

DD1 decided to feed 8 week old DD2 the metal spring from a clothes peg, very long story, hospital still under investigation as no one found spring until 3 days later little DD2 coughed it up. In the mean time she was given diagnosis of severe reflux with ulcers, put on Zantac. Started to show improvement. Paediatrician agreed with diagnosis.

Now, 5 months on, I have stopped Zantac as I feel she has improved greatly.

My advice, get a second opinion, it never hurts. It needs to be a Dr, as he will assess need for medication.

Sounds like reflux to me, and I know how hard little bubs with reflux can be, goodluck xox

The first 3 months are a bit of a blur. DD2 SCREAMED non stop all day for those 3 months. Ends up she was starving and borderline underweight because I didn't have enough milk to feed her. On top of that was silent reflux. I googled reflux and it matched her symptoms. I went to my CHN and she agreed with me and told me to see my GP for a proper diagnosis. She also recommended mylanta. I can't remember dosage but talk to a pharmacist and they might be able to help. They told me the same as my CHN said so try that! She was also put on Zantac. Because the screaming continued (and my milk supply hadn't yet been questioned) she was put on some granules (can't remember the name). I can't remember how old she was but it was in that first 3 months.

Her symptoms were pulling away from the breast but latching on like she was starving (and she was), gulping when she wasn't feeding, ummmmm I can't remember the rest!! It's hard to tell when she grew out of it because the lack of milk wasn't 'diagnosed' till she was around 3 months so even if she had grown out of it the screaming continued until she was on the bottle so I have no clue.

Elevate everything! Cot/mattress, change table, prop the poor bub up when on the floor etc.

Maybe even see a different Dr because that's bullsh it.
If indeed your baby has reflux he's in pain sad It's not fair that some Dr can just brush that off.

Poor poor baby and you and anyone else! It's hard on everyone sad
Good luck and I hope you get a diagnosis and some relief for him.

Is there an after hours clinic available over the easter long weekend?

My DD3 started screaming and refusing her bottle at about 6 weeks old too. My midwife had no idea what was happening. We thought wind? After 2 days of constant screaming and no sleep, can't be wind, thought maybe colic,nope not that either. After visiting my doctor every day for a week with a screaming,tired baby who was in obvious pain,losing weight dangerously fast, and still not feeding ,my doctor finally agreed something was wrong and admitted DD3 into hospital. After being told that I was a useless mother and my baby was just hungry (I later made a formal complaint against this doctor), the docs decided to insert a tiny camera probe down into DD3's stomach for 24 hours to see what the problem was. In the meantime DD3 was being feed via tubes,given gaviscon,but still screaming on and off. After 24 hours the camera showed that my DD3 had stomach acid coming up and down her throat 15 times in 24 hours, burning her throat constantly(that's why she wouldn't feed,she knew it would hurt). DD3 was put on reflux formula, zantac before every feed and I also took her to an osteopath. Every day she got a little better and everyday I finally began to bond with her (now that she wasn't screaming at me). DD3 was diagnosed as having silent reflux. At about 1 yrs old she was off the medication and reflux formula. She is 10 yrs old next week and more tham made up for the first year in her life. To this day all I can remember of DD3's first year was the screaming. I was a zombie running on adrenalin. Sorry for the novel,I know what your going through. Get a second opinion, scream down your doctors door till he/she listens, I had to fight hard but It paid off in the end!! smile
Thanks everyone smile Spoke to 13health again tonight and they agreed that it sounds exactly like reflux and to go and see a GP who I trust to listen to me so I can get a proper diagnosis and so they can monitor DS to make sure everything starts to sort itself out and that he continues to gain weight etc. DS has always reacted like this regardless of whether he was on the boob or bottle fed. He used to do the same thing in hospital but obviously at that age there were so many other possibilities of what it could've been that reflux was the last thing on anyones mind. I will be making an appt with the only GP I can think of that I trust asap and I will not be leaving her office until I know that she has taken me seriously. I'm kicking myself for letting the other doctor walk over me like that cause I knew something was wrong but he made me feel like a hyperchondriac(sp) and an idiot.. I honestly thought I learnt to trust my instinct after my DD so I feel awful for not sticking to my guns.

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

Dont feel bad its not your fault Drs are supposed to know best and we are supposed to trust them. Some drs jsut dont seem to care. I hope you get it sorted soon!
Don't beat yourself up over it smile

DD1 screamed continuously as well. I thought it was just my milk. She went on the bottle and was better.

DD2 did the same things DD1 did as well as the screaming and against my better judgement I kept trying to breastfeed until I lost the plot. The screaming was continual, all bl oody day. For 3 whole months. I knew DD1 did it and put it entirely down to silent reflux once I realised DD2 had it and DD1 had the same symptoms (I jumped on that with DD2) but didn't think about the milk thing with DD2. If I had have let go of what others said was right my baby wouldn't have been starving, losing weight and always hungry sad Makes me sad just thinking about it. I'm getting teary. Anyway, we're mothers, not perfect mothers. We do our best in the situations we find ourselves in. How bout I kick my bum twice. Once for me and once for you so you don't have to feel bad? tongue

Please don't feel awful, you are sticking to your guns by going back to your docs again. Your instincts are working just fine too. Trust me it will get better, especially if you go to docs armed with symtoms and information and tonnes of ( I'm not taking no bulls**t for an answer). Good luck to you.
Thanks so much ladies there is nothing worse than mothers guilt! I just hope that we can get it sorted really soon so that DS isn't in pain anymore cause it sucks seeing him like this. I will definitely make sure I get heard this time cause I won't be paying for another doctor to palm me off like that again.

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

Good on you!

Can you get in to an after hours clinic over the easter break?

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