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A very spilly baby! Lock Rss

Hi All...

Just wondering if anyone out there is on the 'same boat' as me?
My 6 month old son is CONSTANTLY spilling/spitting up! He has been like this since about a month old (but was even a little spilly as a newborn).

I am feeling at the end of my tether with it - I am constantly scrubbing clothes, carpet, blankets, bedding, car seats etc because of the vomiting. Now that he is eating solids, it is even worse because it is colourful vomit and it stains like crazy!

My GP and Plunket Nurse are both not concerned as he is gaining weight (and I am not concerned about the spilling because of this) but just wondered if there is anyone else out there going through the same thing? Does anyone know how long this will last? Are there any things I can do to help the situation?

Bubs is not in pain and is a gorgeous, happy, healthy wee is just tough for us more than anything...after putting his gorgeous new clothes on him all the time, only to have to take them off and soak them constantly because of spilling, we are starting to get very tired of this process and want to see our wee boy 'spill free' as soon as possible.

Thanks smile
Hey 09bub

Well I am in the same situation with my 4.5 month old DD, so would be interested in others replies.

I am trying the karicare thickener, only started this arvo, so will see how we go tomorrow. She has no spills overnight, just during the day and am sure this is what makes her sleep interrupted during the day.

I was hoping when she starts solids it might help, but am scared now as you say with yours he carried on spilling??

Am really over the smell and all the washing too!!
I've found my daughter to be more "spilly" than my son, but I've realised that sometimes is when I don't burp her straight away (i.e. leave her on the breast if she falls asleep) or burp her enough.

Another thing to try, if you're confident, is a chiropractor. I got my mum to ask hers and he adjusts his niece and nephew (as well as patients obviously) so I was confident that if he does his SISTER'S kids he would be good - and he is such a lovely man and is very gentle

Have you tryed feeding just a little less food at a time. my 2 month old well feed all day and night if I let her and she is a guts she will feed until she spews and then wants to feed some more. I take her off the breast after about 10 mins then about 10mins later I put her back on for the rest. I find that she dosent get spilly at the end of her feed and she doesnt feed as much as this gives her stomach time to settle.
I feel your pain big time. My son is nearly 4 months old and has been a huge spiller since birth. We even ended up in Starship in his first week as he was projectile vomiting. Both my doctor and plunket nurse say nothing to worry about either as he is putting weight on fine.

He is breastfed although at night before bed I give him thickened formula as I don't want him to spill all over his clean pj's. He seems fine on the thickened formula, however will always spill on my breastmilk, It doesn't matter how much or how little I give him, he will also have a big vomit after. this will continue for around 2 hours after I've fed him and will just get more curdled as time goes by.

I too was hoping it would stop once he started solids, but maybe not.

Im not sure where you are based,, however I was thinking of taking him to Simon Rowley in Auckland as he is a very good paediatrician. Hopefully he may be able to give me some advice/answers. I also wondered whether it may be a reaction to my breastmilk, as he doesn't spill on the formula???

Some people have told me that the valves at the top and bottom of his stomach need to work in sync for the food to digest through the the intestines, and that maybe his are out of sync???

If anyone has some advice or possible answers it would be hugely appreciated.

For the meantime, I'll keep living by the washing machine and scrubbing the carpets smile

yes...I have heard about the valve at the top of their tummies needing to tighten in order to keep the food down....may take a while for him I guess???

Have tried little, medium and large feeds and he spills on all of them - I was beginning to think perhaps it is an allergy to my milk too? but he spills absolutely anything up so perhaps not???

Yes, I guess the washing machine does just need to become our 'bestie' for a few months...i am hoping it won't be much longer but it seems to be getting worse.

We have been referred to a Paediatrician in Chch and we are going in 5 weeks - at the lovely price of $285!!! The things we do for our little ones ay...
I am going through exactly the same thing with my 6 month old! It is nice to know I'm not alone. Does anyone else find it worse in the afternoon? My little girl is on gaviscon 2x a day but this doesn't seem to make a difference. Following with interest how you get on.
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