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Rosey cheeks Lock Rss

Hi again mums,
geez, it seems as though i have so many questions and i know nothing.
Jett is nearly 5months and he's got really rosey cheeks.
He hasnt got any teeth coming through yet so, im dismissing my theory that it could be that.
He seems really happy- well, 98% of the time. So, he's not unwell.
Does anyone else else know what could be the cause? His cheeks are pretty dry too. I put sorbolene on his face after a bath. but, i doubt he's allergic becausehe's not red on any other part of his face.
Any ideas?



I think it might still be teeth. My wee girl also has bright pink cheeks and has been really unsettled at night. However her gums don't look red and I can see no teeth. But I do know they can move around before they come through. Would also like to hear others ideas on this.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I would still assume its his teeth. Brooklyn has had bright rosey cheeks for about a week now and I noticed that his dirty nappies were a lot runnier than normal, but I couldnt see or feel any teeth. Then over night one little bottom tooth popped through ( so exciting ). Keep checking they might surprise you one morning tongue

Hi Beth
I'm with the other girls too. I think it may be teeth. Jeb had the same thing before he got his and he never changed in temperament until after they cut through so I didn't even know they where there to begin with. Also with the cooler, drier air they could be red from that too. I used bub lotion on Jebs.
it's me again.
I was just reading up on teething and it was saying that rosey cheeks, loss of appetite, changed sleep patterns are all signs of teething. This is just what jett doing.....So yeah, i might wake up one morning in the next few days and find a little suprise coming through..... how exciting!


Hi Beth,
I'm going to throw in another theory here....

At this age they can't really swollow their saliva properly, so all their playing around with their hands (and anything else they can get their hands on) around their mouth can lead to saliva all over their cheeks. They have very acidic saliva and very sensitive skin. This can be one reason they get dry red cheeks. So putting sorbolene on them should help (it acts as a barrier as well).

Sorry to put doubt on the whole teething thing but sometimes it helps to try to find a real reson to some things rather than putting everything down to teeth (which you can't do anything about).

If you haven't already guessed I don't buy much into the whole teething thing!!
But having said that I also haven't had a problem with yukky nappies or unusually unsettled babies (unless there was an underlying prob like a cold, tummy upset or something). My two have just sort of all of a sudden had teeth!)

Mind you My DS only has 2 so the minute he is behaving differently for a reason I can't work out you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be joining the "teething" band wagon!!!

They have actually done studies to show that the minute that teeth arrive in the mouth their is a different enzyme present in the saliva, so it's possible other things could be set off???
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