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Question on Nurofen Infant Drops Lock Rss

Hi There
This may be a stupid question but my bubs is 5 and a half months old and his first tooth is coming through, quite sharp! He is very whingy and the childrens panadol does not seem to hit the spot. I know Nurofen Infant Drops says not to use under 6 months but he is 2 weeks under, does anyone know what the reason behind this is and has anyone given it to their babies under six months?


Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

use your judgment, i personally would use after talking with doc or health nurse. I think they say not to as it's got stuff in that can cause reactions such as triggering asthma. I just bought some nurofen today for my 8 month old as the panadol is not working for her teeth either so will check back in a day or so to let you know how she's feeling. Also i bought the older child one and found out her dose (it's for 8kg and over and as she's 7.2kg has a smaller dose) as i have older kids that take it too and having different medicines for all the kids is too expensive and too many in cupboard. She still eating heaps and thankfully not biting me but screaming at 4 am each morning and it's not amusing after 5 mornings of sleep deprivation, but she's not completely finishing all of her night bottle although i just thinks she's full and tired by this stage. just ask pharmacist too as that's what i did and see how you go but i'll check in again in a day or so.

daughters, 24/5/00, 30/5/02, 6/9/05 brisbane

I have not given my little one nurofen drops as we have a family history of asprin allergies and nurofen should't be given to those who are allergic to asprin. Also, if you were planning to give the Nurofen, check with the pharmisist since it is so close to the 6 month mark with your baby as it may be a weight related dose also in conjuction with some possible side effects of having the drug on board. Also remember that Nurofen when metabolised also enters the breast milk so if you yourself are taking nurofen for a headache,muscle ache etc....and are breastfeeding or giving expressed don't take it until your baby is 6 months old also as it would be similar to you giving your baby nurofen. Your best bet would be to talk with the GP or pharmacist about this issue, Nurofen is an antiinflammatory but doesn't contain any antipyrexial properites like panadol (ie. nothing in nurofen will help reduce a fever) but will relieve pain and inflammation. HOpe this helps and it doesn't confuse you. SJ
ps. and no, it wasn't a stupid question at all, SJ
I had DD cut her 2nd tooth 2 weeks before turning 6 mths and had problems with her drinking (she refused to!) the pharmacist gave me the Nurafen after panadol didnt work for a day.
They did ask me a few questions in regards to medical history of mine and hubby and weighed her as well. She was the weight of a 6mth old baby according to the medical statistics.
I would speak to the pharmacist and get them to give u the ok.
I think it is because of the Ibuprofen in the product it is an anti-inflammatory and probably is to strong for young bubs.
But if they agree with you then you will find it is great with teething!
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