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Has anyone used Brauer Natural Medicine products? Lock Rss

Just wondering if any of you mums have used this range of products and what they are like??

I have just brought Brauer Teething Relief and Calm, but have not used them yet.

Any infomation on these products would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Fiona
I used the Brauer Teething Relief and calm, but sorry, I didnt find they worked for my son. But I could be wrong, so give it a go, all babies react differently!
If I remember correctly, dont you have to keep giving bubs the teething relief every half hour?? Ive tried a lot of things to help relieve the pain!

Good luck!


Jess (22), Chris (22) and Kaden (22 mnths)


I used the colic relief one when my bubs was younger. It didn't totally work because we weren't sure if it was colic or not but the MCHN said it can;t hurt to try it. In a way it did change some things but I think I just had a sickly baby then. I have other friends who swear by it though and at least it is all natural so not harming baby in anyway!

Good Luck
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