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Sterilising bottles? Lock Rss

Hmm I was just reading in the new practical parenting magazine that sterilising is not necessary for baby's bottles and teats. It says "Experts now acknowledge that outside an operating theatre, true sterilisation is a pipe dream (a study back in 1998 found that commercially available sterising systems, both chemical and physical, actually left bacteria in the bottles). The important thing is just that bottles are clean, so baby is exposed to as few bacteria as possible".

I was a bit shocked by this as I thought it was absolutely necessary. I use Milton and sometimes I use the microwave steaming method. I must admit Im a bit pedantic with making sure my bubs bottles, teats & dummies are properly cleaned and sterilised but it made me wonder if Ive been a bit too pedantic and what other mums out there do????

I have wondered though if the Milton chemical residue does affect them somehow as that is pretty potent stuff I even get skin rashes from putting my hands in the solution to fetch out a bottle so wonder what it does to their delicate little gut linings. What are your thoughts???
I sterilised for DS1 until he was 10 months, then I started with DS2 but a friend of mine told me the same thing you just wrote, so I stopped steralising them with no adverse reactions at all. He was 3 months. She hadnt sterilised for her DD at all from the very beginning.

I never used Milton as the fact you dont wash it off never really sat well with me.
i actually bought the milton stuff and took one sniff of it and never used it for sterilizing. it smelt like bleach.
i only steam sterilised, but my mum said she never steam sterilised my bottles she just washed them in soapy water. that made me think.
Its amazing how much products are out there to make you fear germs and bacteria that are really not that harmfull and our own bodies are able to fight them quickly.
I had heard this just as my DD (shes 3.5yrs now) was going onto her allergy formula at about 7mths... I used to just put it in the dishwasher but I figured it was okay (against what I'd been taught with DS1) because she was crawling and if a shoe went in the mouth (hadn't at that point and for a long time with her but my DS and other friends kids were a reality check for me!) there would be WAY more germs than in the clean but unsterilised bottles!


I was actually wondering recently if I have to sterilise DS' bottles forever?! He is 6.5mths now and since birth I have thoroughly rinsed them (with brushes) and boiled them for 5 minutes on the stove. I know plenty of other mothers put them in the dishwasher. DH would be happy to do this now but I'm just not sure. He's also the type of person who would be happy to let DS pat a dog and then put his hand in his mouth. Not me!

I'm interested to hear what other mothers have been doing and to see if it has affected their bubs at all.
DS is 8 months and I have just stopped sterilizing....figured now everything is going in his mouth (shoes...fluff etc etc etc) there wasnt much point still doing it lol!! smile
This is really interesting cause you would think that they would get every bug going around. Im not really sure how I feel about it all now as my babies still did get sick occasionally so it didnt totally protect them. It also made me wonder about reflux bubs when they get pain from the stomach acid coming up into the oesophagus and whether the milton would be burning it even more, makes sense to me. With my older children I never rinsed the milton off but with my new bub I have been rinsing with boiled water just in case.
I steam sterilised with a microwave steriliser. It was so easy I'll do it this time around too. I think it's just for peace of mind. I'd hate my newborn to get a tummy bug - if I hadn't been sterilising I'd always wonder if I'd caused it.
Hmm when I had DS who is now nearly 4, the hospital were recommending no longer "sterilising" but to only wash bottles and dummies in hot/warm soapy water...and again they told me this when DD was born 15 months friends with kids the same age have been told the same thing but it must differ according to states as a lot of people still sterilise...

so i have never sterilised either kids bottles or dummies so to speak, only washed in warm soapy water...and they recommend cease doing this or sterilising anyway about 6 months ish when they are usually crawling and putting things in their over sterilise is actually not beneficial to their immune system either

should add I used dishwasher with both kids bottles as well and neither of them have ever been sickly kids

Like Felix 79, I stopped sterilising when she started putting everything in her mouth!!!!!!

I too have heard that sterilising isn't necessary or even recommended these days. When I use Miltons, I always rinse it off. I know you're not meant to, but I do anyway!!!!

However, I do know that if you live anywhere with really hard water it is still recommended to sterilse.
I have never used milton! I hate the smell of it!
With my 3 children i have always used the microwave sterilizer and water. Thats what the hospital uses, so it cant be to bad.

With my 2 DD i stopped once they started crawling, and will do the same with DS.

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