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Sterilising bottles? Lock Rss

Hot soapy water is all I have ever used for my kids dummies. DD1 was bottle fed from about 4 months and I only microwave sterilised once in a while. my 3rd baby has only had his dummy washed in hot soapy water once or twice and he's 3 months old. Lets face it his 2 sisters are always playing with him and I can't sterilise them (yes they put fingers in his mouth etc)

em''''''''s mum

I think for newborns sterilisation is a MUST, especially those born early or with compromised immune systems. If sterilisation wasn't considered important then Hospitals wouldn't be doing it themselves. Just remember that there are many 'bugs' out there and it really doesn't take much for one to enter their blood stream. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and at just 4 days old, whilst still in hospital he caught a very rare 'bug' and ended up with Meningitis. After seeing him fight for his life, which thankfully he won, I was very particular about sterilising everything and washing my hands thoroughly. Unfortunately there aren't vaccines out there to cover every 'bug' and these 'bugs' are everywhere, they're in the noses and throats of people, in the water, on your hands etc, but if you can prevent them from being injested then why wouldn't you, it doesn't take much to sterilise a few bottles for the health of your baby.
Interesting topic, my eldest is almost 13, my second eldest is 2 in Feb and I have a 3 month old. With my first we microwave sterilised bottles and with our second we did the same until we had to get a new microwave and our stereliser didn't fit in the microwave so we boiled them on the stove. 10 minutes of a rolling boil will sterilise anything. With our 3 month old we have only done the boiling for 10 minutes method of sterilising. With our second bub we stopped sterilising before every bottle at around 10 months and were only doing it around 2-3 times a week until he turned 1 then we stopped altogether and he had no issues so we will do the same for our 3 month old. As a rule we never use Milton, to many harsh chemicals and in my opinion our babies shouldn't be exposed to it, a lot of reflux and tummy issues can be pin pointed to using Milton, plus why spend all that money on Milton when boiling them is practically free and you can garuntee that they are sterilised properly by boiling bottles. It takes longer but it's worth doing, no chemicals and if there is a blackout all you need is a portable camping gas stove and bubs bottles can still be sterilised.
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