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Fever after 12 month vaccinations Rss


My 12 month old had her 12 month vaccines 2 1/2 days ago and just started getting a temp. high 37's to low 38's.

Has anyone else had this? Neither of my other boys has ever had a temp from vaccines. (besides their first flu vaccine which seems common)

I also think she may now be getting a cold and I'm worried that she may have been getting it when she had her needles! Does this matter??
i'm not sure that it matters that she may have been getting a cold, but i know that fevers are normal with vaccinations but they usually occur within a couple of hours of the needles!

if it's just a slight temp, i wouldn't worry too much, but if it's seems to be creeping up, or is already higher than 38 i would probably be taking them to see a doctor.

good luck! i'm sure everything will be fine!
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