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My 8-month-old has a horrible tummy ache and after every milk bottle it ends up in the nappy diarrhoea or he projectile vomits.
I was worried my baby was going to dehydrate. I have been giving bubs heaps of juice diluted etc hoping this would help he doesn’t really like water juices etc. I am finding I have too force it down him. I have been mixing diluted juice with rice cereal hoping this helps as yet no luck. I rang the Dr and he said it was a virus (gastro) that many babies have at the moment it seems to be going around the only advise he could give was give baby no milk or diary and just toast and juice etc for a few days until bubs tummy recovers. This is the 3rd day and still nothing has changed I rang another Dr he gave me the same advice there is no medication .Has anybody else had the same problem or got any advice or should I not worry!!

Regards Worried Mel
Hi mel
is your child totally bottle fed normally? My son is half bottle and half breast ... when he had gastro i stopped formula altogether and just breastfed him! I gave him water to drink when my tits were drained ... and i also gave him some hydrolyte! You can get it from a chemist ... it just helps to rehydrate because obviously the vomiting and diarrhoea cause a huge loss of liquids! i steered clear of custards, and instead gave a lot of rice and apple (which were both recommended to me)! my son got over it in a few days ... if you have to give formula, dilute it! like use the regular amount of water but half (or less) of the actual formula!
good luck and let us know how you go ... hope this helped a little bit

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi Mel. It sure can be stressing when our little ones get sick, can't it? I haven't as yet had any experiences with this horrible bug with my girls. However, my mum is a registered nurse and I remember her trying to give just water and unbuttered toast to my younger brother when he was a baby, yet he still vomited it up. She ended up having to take him to the hospital because he wouldn't keep anything down. If your little boy isn't keeping anything (including water) down and you're getting concerned, take him down to the emergency department at your local hospital and have him checked out, because babies and young children dehydrate quicker than adults (due to their small body size). It's better to have him checked out and nothing being wrong than to not have him checked out and something being wrong. Good luck and let us know how you go. Angela.

Angela, NSW

Hi Mel
I agree with Angela. You need to take bubs to emergency. Little bubs get sick alot quicker than adults.
Good luck
Hello All

Woke up this morning and bubs is soooo much better no more vomiting or diarrhoea.
I am slowing introducing solids again just taking it easy.
It is so scary when bubs is sick all you want to do is help and solve the problem.
Many thanks for all your help and information it is really appreciated

Happy family again

Cheers Mel
Great to hear that everything's well again!!! smile

Angela, NSW

Probably a bit late now but my boy just recovered from almost 7 days of diaorreah. my maternal nurse suggested lactose free formula at half strength. As they have a temporary lactose intolerance.This seem to stay in him without coming out the other end. He had Pedialyte to drink which he drank sparingly. The doctors kept saying to give plenty of water and pedialyte, but they dont drink it as readily as milk. But the milk causes diaorreah which is why lactose free is a good idea.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06


Thanks for still posting your suggestion i really do appreciate it. I know next time even though i hope it never happens again to try lactose free formula.
I hope your little one is getting better
Cheers Mel smile
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