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Smelly Feet, Smelly Breath?? Lock Rss

I've noticed lately that bubba's feet smell really bad! We live in the Kimberley so she never wears socks because it's too hot. Could it be sweat that's making them so pongy??

Since she has been on the bottle and eating solids her breath has also been smellier than usual as well. I've been giving her water throughout the day thinking that this might help but it hasn't.

She has two little bottom teeth so we've been brushing with water in the morning and at night, when do you introduce a little bit of toothpaste??

She's always got her feet in her mouth, sucking on her toes! Maybe that's the problem smile

Rachel, WA, Isabella 15/10/05

Unfortunately I can't offer any suggestions for smelly feet as we live in cold old Christchurch so DD always needs sox!

But as far as the teeth go my Plunket nurse said as soon as they get teeth rub a little bit of adult toothpaste on them. No need for a brush just put a bit on your finger and rub it on her teeth. She also recommends not using baby toothpaste as it doesn't offer enough calcium that they need, she reckons it is just a sales gimmick! Proper adult toothpaste is apparently more effective.

My DD has bad breath and I am VERY keen to also hear how I can rectify that!!



The sweat could be making them a bit stinky. Perhaps talc powder to help absorb some of the sweat prior to sock placement. as for tasting toes, I think that is just a baby thing. Mine seems to enjoy pulling the sock off enough inorder for it to reach her mouth!

OUr little one (7 months) is on solids also and I wipe her teeth (6 of them and a further 2 on their way) after every meal and bottle. We have not introduced toothpaste as yet as it is not recommended for children under 2 and adult toothpaste has the fluoride component which if swallowed often enough is not meant to be good for your infant.

Alot of bad breath stems from bacteria residing on ones tongue in adults. If you are able to wipe your baby's tongue at the tip, the further back you go the more likely you will make her gag, that may help. It is a good idea that you are giving her some water also.

Hope this helps.
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