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Sore tummy Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
My little man is nearly 4 months old now and since he was a week old he has had bad tummy pains. He crunches up into a little ball, his tummy goes really hard, he fluffs more than anybaby anyone who has met him as ever seen, doesn't bring up his wind very often, chokes at least twice a day when he is feeding and it sounds like it is something coming up from his stomach which is causing that, and he grunts and groans and occasionaly screams and I can see he is in alot of pain.
He is breast fed and I have gone through the whole restricted diet thing which didn't make a difference tried infacol, braurs mix and a naturopath colic mix, all which seemed to make his tummy worse but helped him to burp. I have also tried him on Karricare, SMA and S-26 formula and they added to his problem by clogging him up.
One doctor said it is just colic he'll grow out of it and another said it was thrush which has since cleared up and there is no change.
He is seeing a chiropractor and he helps, bubs is a little more relaxed for a while but within a couple of days his tummy is rock hard and sore again. We have to wait another month before we can see the pedeatrician and the chiro thinks he has a bowel problem. He is normally regular and putting on lots of weight as well as being a very happy bub, even when he is in pain. But I was just wondering if anyone out there has any more ideas to help him.
Hi Joshiesmum,
Sorry to hear your wee man's tummy is sore! My daughter seemed to be experiencing a similar problem when she was a couple of weeks old, but it doesn't sound like she was as bad as your son. She seemed to have a really sore tum, and couldn't sleep for very long before she'd wake up crying. My midwife suggested I cut dairy out of my diet entirely (there is a family history of dairy intolerance), so I cut out everything, including the teeniest bit of dairy-based additives (found some yummy dairy-free bread and muesli bars etc), and after a few days of this Nina was a lot better. At 8 months she is still breastfed, and I am slowly reintroducing little bits of dairy to my diet.

You said you've gone through the restricted diet thing so I'm probably not helping at all, but I just thought I'd mention the dairy thing as I know it can take a while for things to get out of mum's system and then out of baby's, and even a tiny trace can be a problem.

I really hope you find a solution, sounds like you've tried everything! I'm glad to hear he's a happy healthy little boy all the same. Best of luck!
Vanya smile

This new forum is strange ...

Hi Joshies mum,

firstly, really sorry to hear that your little one is is so much pain. It must be difficult for you to see him in this way everyday and feeling terrible as you can't help him out.

I think you are on the right track if you are trying different forumulas, you could try NESTLE NAN GOLD which a tad more expensive (around $20 for a 900g tin) but it is meant to be easily digestable and the "closest thing" to breast milk.

Am not too sure what your restricted diet thng is, could it be that your little one is lactose intolerant? If you are not happy with the results you are getting from the pedeatrician I would suggest heading for a second opinion and don't be afraid to ask them for a referal to another doctor as you are living with your child and need an answer to why this is happening. You could ask them for some non-invasive tests or investigations to be done perhaps an abdo x-ray to see if there is an obstruction. You could try ringing the pedeatrician to see if there are any earlier appointments for people do cancel appointments.

Sorry that I am not much help but fingers crossed and please let me know what happens.

Hi Joshiesmun,

I recently started a post on allergies, detailing similar details to what you are describing, except my Lyndsay has a soft tummy. I am also at a loss, but am finding eliminaton diet to help (eliminating all wheat, egg, soy, fish, nuts and dairy). We are still investigating Lyndsay, but some sort of allergy seems to be the answer.

Good Luck! I hope all goes well with your paediatrician
i think thats great that your taking him to a baby chiroprator,alot of babies are born with twists and knots from childbirth this can really help

hmmmm, all i can suggest is something you probably already do it

When Lillie used to get a tummy ache,hubby or i would carry her like an areplane?holding her tummy along you arm with her face pointing the ground
or these days i lie Lillie face down on my lap and play "patty cake" between her shoulderblade" this bringd up alot of burps

hope i could help

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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